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About The Author

"Sports go beyond just competing; they represent the core of what humans can achieve, and I'm here to tell their amazing stories." My name is Adhiraj and I am an F1 Writer at EssentiallySports. When I'm not covering the fast-paced world of Formula 1, I thoroughly enjoy delving into the captivating realm of eSports. My in-depth coverage of League of Legends has certainly made a lasting impact. I also enjoy to cover the core sporting stories that often bring forward the competitive spirits of F1 drivers and teams. My fervent enthusiasm for motorsports effortlessly blends with my unwavering support for Barcelona, infusing a competitive spirit into my leisure hours spent battling it out in the virtual world of League of Legends and the strategic realms of Football Manager. On top of this though, I also occasionally venture into the realm of cinema, allowing me to infuse my narrative palette with a dash of creativity and imagination.