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“He’s Got Some Work to Do”: Lando Norris Disses George Russell’s Bizarre Goof Up With Hilarious Explanation

Published 06/07/2023, 12:34 PM EDT

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“If in doubt, go flat out”, is George Russell’s moto, and that’s what he did in the Spanish Grand Prix. George Russell impressively climbed from 12th on the grid to claim a podium finish. However, the race will be remembered not just for his stellar performances but also for the hilarious incident involving Russell’s reputable radio and his mistaken perception of rain.

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Unexpected incidents and moments of humor can arise even amidst intense racing action. The Spanish Grand Prix provided one such incident that left fans amused and drivers laughing. Lando Norris, known for his quick wit, couldn’t resist taking a playful jab at his fellow driver. During the race, Russell thought he spotted rain at Turn 5 and promptly radioed his team to alert them. However, a lap later, he humorously suggested that it might have been his own sweat inside his helmet, causing the confusion.


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During a Q&A session with Sky Sports, Norris was asked if he had ever experienced a sweaty visor mistaken for rain. To which Norris jokingly replied, “Oh George, hey, I don’t think I have. I don’t know where I would have it. He Must have been working hard to sweat that much. No, I’ve never confused it with rain. That’s a whole different story.” However, he couldn’t resist taking a cheeky dig, “I know he’s got some work to do on that one,” maybe distinguishing between rain and sweat.

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The Spanish Grand Prix not only provided thrilling racing moments but also showcased the lighter side of Formula 1. But could George have other things to worry about? While the upgrades on Mercedes are proving fruitful, as they showcased their resurgence in the race, securing a double-podium finish. This newfound competitiveness begs the question: Will Lewis Hamilton and Russell’s harmonious teammate relationship change if Mercedes returns to their winning ways?

Did George Russell rekindle 2016 for Mercedes?


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The collision between Hamilton and Russell during qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix triggered memories of the intense rivalry between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. However, Mercedes’ team principal, Toto Wolff, dismissed any parallels to that situation, attributing the incident to a mere miscommunication between the drivers.

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German journalist Christian Menath also echoed Wolff’s sentiment, stating that it was merely a misunderstanding and not indicative of a brewing rivalry. Speaking on the F1 nation podcast, Menath said: Toto was asked yesterday after qualifying: “if it reminded him of 2016 Rosberg vs Hamilton.” But he said: “No, no shades of 2016’. And I fully agree with Toto. So, there was nothing between the teammates. It was just miscommunication.”

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As the season progresses, fans eagerly await the upcoming races, wondering if the Mercedes drivers will battle not just against their rivals on the track, but also against each other. Will George Russell rise to the occasion and prove himself alongside Lewis Hamilton?




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