Oscar Piastri is one of the brightest up-and-coming talents on the current Formula 1 grid. Despite his outstanding performances on the track in the 2023 season with McLaren, not much was known about his life off the F1 circuit. However, thanks to a revealing interview on Dax Shepard’s Eff Won podcast, fans got a peek behind the scenes of Piastri’s journey to F1 stardom. His journey is not just about racing; it’s a tale of familial love, sacrifice, and unwavering support from his parents, Nicole and Chris Piastri.

Chris Piastri hails from Melbourne, Australia, with a background in engineering and software development. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through as the co-owner of a thriving automotive hardware and software development company. HP Tuners, a tech company with a market cap of a staggering $35 billion has been known for its VCM Suite and MPVI products since 2003.

The company specializes in providing cutting-edge tuning and diagnostics solutions for high-performance vehicles, bridging the gap between technology and automotive expertise. Its products, including the VCM Editor, VCM Scanner, and MPVI3, offer a wide range of digital adjustments, live logging capabilities, diagnostics, and tuning options for both casual vehicle users and dedicated racecar enthusiasts.


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HP Tuners goes beyond just tuning solutions. They offer additional tools like the TrackAddict app and RaceRender software for capturing and analyzing track day experiences. For diesel enthusiasts, their Switch on the Fly software allows for quick transitions between custom maps, while the OBDII Adapter Cable opens up tuning possibilities for sports vehicles.

Oscar’s mother, Nicole Piastri, is primarily a homemaker, but shares her husband’s passion for cars and driving, owning a collection of vintage automobiles. Her steadfast encouragement and emotional support for Oscar provide a nurturing environment to navigate the challenges of professional racing.

Chris Piastri helped shape Oscar Piastri’s Formula 1 career

Oscar Piastri’s introduction to the world of racing started with a simple gift from his father–a racing car. This early exposure ignited a passion within Piastri, setting him down the path of racing at the highest level. Despite his early fascination with racing, Piastri faced some hurdles along the way, including parental restrictions on watching Formula 1 races.

Growing up in Melbourne, where races were often broadcast in the early hours of Monday morning, Piastri’s parents insisted he prioritize his school schedule over his passion for F1. However, Oscar’s dream of racing in Formula 1 ultimately won his parents over. During his conversation with Dax Shepard, Piastri shed light on the role his father played in shaping his F1 career. The Aussie shared that his father’s background in both mechanics and technology served as a catalyst for his own passion for racing.

With a family history rooted in the automotive industry, coupled with his father’s affinity for computers, Piastri found himself drawn to the world of motorsport. “So my mom’s dad and my dad’s dad were both mechanics as their job so there was always a passion for cars. Plus my dad always liked computers and stuff growing up. Put computers and cars together, and you basically get HP Tuners. So, yeah, and that’s how I kind of got into racing as well,” said Oscar Piastri.

A significant investment of $6.5 million from his father allowed him to pursue his racing dreams. Piastri’s natural talent behind the wheel, coupled with his undying pursuit of excellence, led him to success in various racing championships. From national-level racing cars to Formula 3000, Formula 2, and Euro Cup championships.

Chris Piastri continues to support Oscar through HP Tuners sponsorship

HP Tuners, Oscar’s longtime sponsor and ally has always supported his dream of racing. Since his early days on kart circuits as a youngster, Oscar’s rise to the highest level of motorsport has been fueled by the backing of HP Tuners. This partnership, based on shared values of achieving excellence, sees Oscar through his dreams, with HP Tuners pledging to continue their support into the 2024 Formula 1 season and beyond.


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Keith Prociuk, CEO and co-founder of HP Tuners, expressed his admiration for Piastri’s accomplishments, noting, “We are extremely proud to see Oscar achieve his dream of racing in Formula 1. It is a great testament to his focused determination, skill, hard work, and dedication that he has made it to the highest level.”


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