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We’ve seen celebrities cross paths in countless romantic tales, but none quite so intricate as the weaving stories of Rebecca Donaldson and Lewis Hamilton‘s dating histories. Hamilton’s dating history reads like a who’s who of the glamorous celebrity world. The 38-year-old F1 champion has been linked to supermodels, pop stars, and personalities that shine in the limelight. His arm candy list includes names like Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Sofia Richie, Winnie Harlow, Rita Ora, and Shakira, now. However, a new connection has emerged, and it centers on the stunning Rebecca Donaldson. So, what ties Rebecca to the racing world and, by extension, Lewis Hamilton? But where does the chain start and where does it end?

Rebecca Donaldson is no stranger to high-profile relationships. This 28-year-old Scottish beauty, a known athleisure model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, is currently the talk of the town, not just because of her striking looks but due to her latest love interest – Carlos Sainz. They’re the latest ‘IT’ couple, painting the town red with their love story. The enchanting tale started amidst the cobbled streets of Milan, Italy, and has since seen romantic getaways to dreamy locations like Sardinia. But Rebecca’s heart has danced to tunes of love, passion, and heartbreak. She dated Scott Disick for just 2 months, the ex of Kourtney Kardashian. She was also linked to Leonardo DiCaprio for a brief rendezvous.


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So where does Lewis Hamilton fit in this narrative? A closer look at Hamilton’s past relationships reveals the connection. Hamilton, who had a brief fling with Sofia Richie, indirectly connects with Donaldson. Sofia Richie, as we’ve come to know, previously dated Scott Disick. Sofia Richie, daughter of the legendary singer Lionel Richie, dated Scott Disick for 3 years, their paths converged in 2017, and the union sparked a plethora of public reactions due to the 15-year age gap and the intricate Kardashian connection.

Rebecca, on the other hand, had a fleeting romance with Disick post his breakup with Sofia, they even attended the “KUWTK’s” premiere together, just a month before getting involved with Carlos Sainz. While Lewis Hamilton and Rebecca Donaldson are not directly connected, their past relationships intertwined in such a unique web that it’s hard to overlook the connections, all centering around Sofia Richie and Scott Disick.

Whether they’re in the fast lanes or the glitzy streets of Hollywood, it seems all paths converge, making the world of fame an unexpectedly small place and things are rarely as straightforward as they seem. And while both Rebecca seems focused on Carlos Sainz, but for Hamilton another fascinating chapter has emerged.

Is Lewis Hamilton still dancing to the same tune as Shakira?

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were allegedly seen together starting at the Miami GP. Followed by Barcelona’s sun during the Spanish GP, and into Hamilton’s VIP lounge at the British GP. Shakira’s villa in Ibiza further added mystery with hushed meetings and talks of Hamilton’s driver overhearing their conversations.


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Despite these rendezvous points, both parties have downplayed their relationship, labeling it as a “beautiful friendship”. Notably, after Shakira’s celebrated appearance at the 2023 VMAs, where she garnered significant accolades, Hamilton wasn’t present physically or digitally. Curiously, since that Ibiza meeting, Shakira and Hamilton haven’t been spotted together.


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In the star-studded universe of celebrity relationships, Hamilton’s history remains as thrilling off the track as it is on. But as Ed Sheeran would ponder, “was this just a beautiful mistake?”

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