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Lewis Hamilton might have moved on after his championship-winning 2008 season. However, the same is unfortunately not the case for Felipe Massa. The former Ferrari driver has still not let go of the past, as he continues to fight for justice. However, with the Brazilian Grand Prix days away, the suspension of Massa from the ambassador role has drawn his reaction.

Often considered one of the unluckiest drivers to never win a world championship, Felipe Massa had his childhood dream of winning an F1 World Championship snatched away by him. With Lewis Hamilton edging the 2008 championship by just a mere 1 point, that was supposed to be the end of their rivalry. However, ever since Bernie Ecclestone’s admission of knowing about the infamous Nelson Piquet Jr. crash at the Singapore Grand Prix 2008, Massa has not looked back in pursuit of justice.

Court case implications for Felipe Massa because of Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 title win


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Amidst the controversy, recent news has emerged that Massa has had his job as an ambassador suspended. In a recent interview, Massa shared his insights on whether he’ll be attending the Brazilian GP.

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He stated, “The only thing I know is that F1 asked me not to go to Monza. I was also going to go to the race in Japan as an ambassador and I didn’t go. I believe I didn’t go to Interlagos, I was going to the races as an ambassador and I 100% respect the situation that is happening at the moment, there was no invitation or conversation about the work as an ambassador, so I don’t think I should participate…”

With the Brazilian Grand Prix soon approaching, one question remained on everyone’s mind. Will Felipe Massa be present at the race? Especially considering that he is, after all, from Brazil, and Interlagos is his home track. However, it seems like Massa filing a $13 million court case over the Lewis Hamilton 2008 win has some unfortunate repercussions for him. Granted that if he was to come to the Brazilian Grand Prix 2023, an interaction with Lewis Hamilton would have been quite awkward.

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Could you imagine Hamilton winning the race and walking over for his post-race interview, only to see the guy who has filed a lawsuit against his 1st world championship? However, was it the correct move by Massa to file a lawsuit against the 7x champion?

Is Felipe Massa right to file a $13 million court case for a decade-old incident?


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A highly debatable topic this is. Whether Felipe Massa is right or not to file a $13 million court case for an incident that happened more than a decade ago is a personal choice. From a moral standpoint, yes, Massa is in the right to seek justice for something as unjust as the infamous Singapore GP 2008.

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From a sporting standpoint, this topic is even more debatable. One could consider Ecclestone’s admission, “We wanted to protect the sport and save it from a huge scandal,” about the Nelson Piquet Jr. crash as wrong. Others may view Massa as a poor sport, someone who seems stuck in the past and unable to move on from his loss. Unfortunately for him, controversies and corruption are sadly nothing not new to the sport. This is why it is difficult to say whether Massa is definitively in the right or wrong.


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Following his $13 million court case, Felipe Massa got a track ban from F1, as the Brazilian Grand Prix approaches. With his recent comments suggesting that he is understanding of the reasoning behind the suspension, it remains to be seen what happens next.

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