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When you are as famous as Lewis Hamilton is, privacy is a fleeting thing. From his notable relationships with Jodia Ma and Nicole Scherzinger to rumored relationships with Colombian musician Shakira, the British driver’s love life remains a point of fascination for his fans. Last year, Hamilton was involved in yet another rumor as photos from the Antarctic surfaced, featuring the Brit alongside Brazilian model Juliana Nalu, just before the 2023 season kicked off. And later that year, he added fuel to the fire by saying that he needed to find himself a Latina.

The anticipation grew even more when Lewis Hamilton and Juliana Nalu were spotted spending time together as the New Year approached. However, with his recent statements about fatherhood, it is more than likely that Lewis is not in the frame of mind to commit to a serious relationship or even think about having children despite having said about wanting kids in the past.

What makes Lewis Hamilton not want kids?


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Well, first things first, being a Formula 1 driver is a big challenge on its own. Traveling to different countries week in and week out has got to be tough for anyone, let alone for someone who is 38. On top of that, Hamilton has got Roscoe, his Bulldog who enjoys a popular and pampered life with his father, and he is also an uncle, who loves to spend time with his family. So it’s fair to say that Lewis already has a lot on his plate.

We also know that Lewis has some unfinished business in Formula 1, claiming the 8th world championship. His new contract extension till the end of 2025 will give him 2 more years to go after that record 8th title if Mercedes could actually produce a capable enough machine to go up against the Dutch lion, Max Verstappen. In a recent interview with formule1.nl, Lewis was asked if his age is a factor for him to consider having kids.

In response, Hamilton said, Not right now, no, I don’t have time for that. I enjoy being an uncle. I haven’t decided yet whether I want children. When asked if this is because of his Formula 1 commitments, he added, “Yes, I don’t have time for it at the moment either. If I want a family, I should focus less on racing. And I do not want that. There is a time and a place for everything. Fortunately, I don’t have to make that decision now, maybe someday.”

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Although he is not prepared to have children just yet, Hamilton wishes to become a good father someday in the future.

Hamilton wants to become like his father, but even better

In an interview with the Guardian back in 2021, Lewis Hamilton gave his first hints of wanting to become a father one day. Speaking about how he always keeps thinking about making the world a better place for his niece and nephew, Hamilton said, My dream now is to be a father like my dad one day, but better. Just as he wanted to be like his dad one day, but a better version of his dad. I want to carry on the Hamilton name and make him proud.”


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His commitment to being a great father someday also showed during his conversation with Britain’s News Channel GB News. He emphasized the importance of putting in the effort, stating, To be good at something you have to put at least 10,000 hours into it.” Hamilton revealed his intention to dedicate those hours to excelling as a father or even other things that are important to him in life.


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Do you think Lewis will settle down after 2025 regardless of having won the 8th championship or not? Share your insights down below in the comments.

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