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When Will Lewis Hamilton’s Brad Pitt Starrer F1 Thriller Release? Legendary Hollywood Producer Reveals

Published 11/20/2023, 7:13 AM EST

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Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch for Formula 1 enthusiasts and film buffs alike as they eagerly await the release of the Brad Pitt-starring Formula 1 thriller “Apex”. The collaboration between Hollywood A-lister and Lewis Hamilton promises to deliver a racing thriller that has fans on the edge of their seats. But when will this masterpiece hit the silver screen?

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Jerry Bruckheimer recently dropped a bombshell on the F1 community, revealing the current status of the much-awaited project. Attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas alongside Pitt, Bruckheimer spilled the beans on the film’s progress. He assures the fans that the project is gearing up for action after a delay caused by the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Fans can now look forward to the Lewis Hamilton movie after Jerry Bruckheimer reveals the release window


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Jerry Bruckheimer, the visionary behind some of Hollywood’s most iconic films, recently shared insights into the Formula 1 movie’s production while soaking in the atmosphere of the Las Vegas Grand Prix with Brad Pitt.

Despite the setback caused by the SAG-AFTRA strike, Bruckheimer expressed optimism about the project. He assured fans that filming had resumed. According to an exclusive on, Bruckheimer revealed, “Filmed yesterday, and it’s coming out next year.” The producer’s words echo the anticipation surrounding this thrilling collaboration between Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton.


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Bruckheimer also emphasized Pitt’s hands-on approach to the role. He shared, “He’s an amazing athlete, the drivers are amazed at how good he is.” Pitt will be handling all the driving himself, impressing professional Formula 1 drivers with his skills. Bruckheimer tantalized fans with a release date, stating confidently, “Summer 2025, we’ll be there.” The assurance of a specific timeline only intensifies the anticipation, and Pitt’s active involvement in F1 events around the globe cements his dedication to this thrilling project.


Adam Stern broke the news on X (formerly Twitter) on the recent development. He wrote, “Jerry Bruckheimer revealed at F1 Las Vegas yesterday that the @AppleFilms movie with Brad Pitt will come out in the summer of 2025, per @ETNow.

Lewis Hamilton Cashes on Las Vegas GP’s Soaring Popularity as Brad Pitt Starrer Wraps Up Crucial Leg

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, who is an executive producer for the Brad Pitt Hollywood project, is setting the expectations sky-high for the film.

Lewis Hamilton describes the movie with just one word after seeing a short movie clip


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During a recent Access Hollywood interview, Lewis Hamilton shed light on Brad Pitt’s direct passion for racing. Despite the need for reshooting, the 38-year-old Mercedes driver expressed high standards for the movie. He made a lighthearted remark about Pitt’s need for some racing fine-tuning. But he also praised British actor Damson Idris for his racing abilities. Lewis Hamilton noted that Idris took a little longer to become an expert racer than Pitt did. This adds a touch of humor to the behind-the-scenes challenges.

“We’ve already seen a clip like a little trailer,” said Lewis. “It’s looking, it’s looking amazing. Joe is doing such a great job.” The confidence from Hamilton assures fans that despite the hurdles, “Apex” is destined for greatness.


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Despite the unforeseen challenges, the collaboration between Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt and Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton continues to fuel the buzz. The promise of a character-driven narrative that goes beyond the race track adds a layer of complexity to this upcoming blockbuster.

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