With the Las Vegas Grand Prix expected to help F1 set to have the US audience on their side, all eyes are on the upcoming weekend. However, it seems like Patrick Dempsey doesn’t require the Las Vegas GP to make him an F1 fan, as the newly crowned sexiest man alive reveals how the Drive To Survive show has dazed him.

Netflix’s Drive To Survive has arguably been the only TV series in the history of cinema that has impacted a sport like what F1 has noticed. With an enormous increase in audience, DTS has done more for F1 than anyone could have imagined. This is visible as even various celebrities like Patrick Dempsey are a fan of the show!

Patrick Dempsey and F1: A love that got stronger, thanks to Netflix’s Drive To Survive


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In a recent episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, Patrick Dempsey made an appearance, as he just got titled as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’. However, with Dempsey being a motorsport enthusiast and driver, Kimmel couldn’t resist asking about his recent racing adventures. The American actor stated, “Yes I am, I had a race a few weeks ago, I did the Carrera Panamericana which is a road race in Mexico. I got to do a few stages down there with the that, that was in a GT4 RS [Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS]. It was wonderful, I had a great time.”

However, during this conversation, Dempsey’s true love for F1 ultimately got out, as he explained why, “I love it, I absolutely love it. I mean, what’s really great is you have the Formula 1, the Drive To Survive, I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary. It’s really great about what what’s happening inside the world of motorsport from the perspective of the team owners, the drivers, and the fans and it’s like that. It’s just you never know what’s going to happen during a race, it’s the drama is constantly unfolding and just the physical and mental challenge of that.”

But with the Las Vegas GP only weeks away from commencing, Kimmel had to ask Dempsey whether he’d be attending the race. As expected, he replied, “Yeah…, it’s going to be a night race in Vegas in two weeks. I think they just finished up a great race in Brazil, last weekend, and then first time in Vegas, night race coming up I think on the 18th, 17th or the 18th, Saturday night.”  

It’s clear to say that Dempsey is truly a man of culture. Not only is he a respected figure in the world of cinema, but now, he is also one in the world of motorsport. Let’s hope that the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ brings his charm over to the Vegas GP as enthusiasts like him are always great to have on.

Why the Drive To Survive season 5 will help F1 truly cement its foot in the US market


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It’s no secret that F1 is hungry for the US market and its audience. With the USA having three races, Las Vegas, Miami, and the United States Grand Prix, it’s blatantly obvious that F1 wants to compete with the big leagues of the US sports market. A market that is been dominated by the likes of NBA and NFL teams. But while the Las Vegas GP will somewhat help Liberty Media in asserting dominance, the unlikely hero just might be the upcoming season of Netflix’s Drive To Survive.

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Stars like Patrick Dempsey and Jax Shepard are already a fan of the show, and ultimately the sport. Clearly, DTS has done more for F1 than anyone imagined. In Dempsey’s own words, “it’s the drama is constantly unfolding” is one of the main reasons why the audience, especially US consumers, started watching the sport. And if the producers can somehow make the current season even more entertaining, surely more people will follow. Moreover, considering Mercedes and Ferrari’s recent struggle, surely the DTS team wouldn’t struggle to make the show entertaining to watch, right?


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The newly crowned ‘Sexist Man Alive’ and motorsport driver Patrick Dempsey reveals the thrills he gets from the Drive To Survive show. With more and more celebs and superstar athletes being involved with the F1, it’s only about time that F1 starts competing with the NBA and NFL in the US audience.

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