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“Not Expecting to Fight…”: Despite a Decent Monaco GP, Lando Norris Makes a Hard-Hitting Statement on McLaren’s 2023 Prospects

Published 05/31/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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In the high-stakes world of Formula 1, surprises and challenges are inevitable. In the recent Monaco Grand Prix, despite his commendable drive, Lando Norris delivered a hard-hitting statement that shed light on McLaren’s prospects for the 2023 season. With McLaren grappling with performance issues, Norris openly acknowledged the undeniable speed advantage held by their rivals.

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At the dawn of the 2023 season, McLaren found themselves in a precarious position, locked in a relentless battle to keep pace with their competitors. However, the Monaco Grand Prix served as a turning point for the team, showcasing their ability to rise above adversity. Both Lando Norris and his teammate, Oscar Piastri, demonstrated their resilience by securing valuable points with a ninth and tenth-place finish, respectively.


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In a raw and unfiltered moment, Norris admitted on F1 Nation Podcast, “They are just a lot quicker than us; they have been all year. They are doing a good job, considering we are saying we had the worst car at the start of the season, that we have had for the last 5-6 years.”

Lando Norris acknowledged the superior pace of Alpine, McLaren’s closest competitor, stating, “We are not expecting to fight Alpine in any way, so there’s not even any point in thinking about it. They were half a second faster than us in qualifying in Monaco. If it was a normal circuit, they would be 7-8 tenths quicker than us.”

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Although McLaren currently sits in sixth place in the constructors’ championship, trailing powerhouses such as Red Bull, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Alpine, their recent achievements highlight their relentless pursuit of progress. Lando Norris’s exceptional driving skills and ability to extract the best from the MCL60 have played a pivotal role in the team’s resurgence.

McLaren’s Resurgence in the 2023 Season


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Despite the daunting challenges McLaren faces, Norris remains resolute in his pursuit of improvement. He candidly shared, “We’ve had the same car all year, apart from some minor tweaks in Baku. However, we’re keeping our heads down, maintaining our focus, relentlessly pushing forward, and eagerly awaiting the next wave of upgrades set to arrive in Silverstone.” Norris’s unwavering commitment to propelling McLaren back to the forefront of the grid showcases his indomitable spirit.

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McLaren’s journey in the 2023 season has been a rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns. However, amidst the challenges, they have displayed remarkable resilience and determination. Their recent performances indicate a gradual upswing in their fortunes, culminating in a strong showing at the Monaco Grand Prix.


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Despite a difficult start, McLaren’s performance in the Monaco Grand Prix demonstrated their determination to bounce back. With Norris’s unwavering focus and anticipation for upcoming upgrades, McLaren aims to bridge the performance gap with their rivals. The 2023 season continues to unfold, and McLaren’s fight for a higher position in the constructors’ championship remains a compelling storyline to follow.

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