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While the F1 circuits have been abuzz with Max Verstappen’s historic victories, especially as he is the first driver in the F1 history to clinch 10 consecutive wins, Verstappen is not just breaking records; he’s carving out a legacy. Amid the thundering applause and heart-thumping races, F1’s poster boy found himself momentarily captivated not by the shimmer of trophies, but by the glow of a certain someone lighting up the streets of New York City. With a career streak that’s been nothing short of phenomenal, the speedster’s heart still found a way to race a tad bit faster, thanks to his partner. Why, you ask? Well, it appears “Mrs. Verstappen” is painting New York City red, one sizzling strut at a time.

Kelly Piquet‘s recent Instagram reel is the talk of the town – she’s captured looking every bit the fashionista in a ravishing black midi dress from AREA’s avant-garde collection. The look? Enigmatic smokey eyes paired with subtle, neutral lips. The backdrop? The dazzling streets of New York, perfectly synced with Doja Cat’s anthemic “Paint the Town Red”. But wait, there’s more that’s got the fans buzzing – Verstappen’s smitten comment on the post: a simple, yet deeply expressive “😍❤️”. Now, isn’t that the universal code for ‘left utterly lovestruck’? The reactions? Fans have been quick to christen Kelly as the reigning ‘Queen’ and whimsically crowning her ‘Mrs. Verstappen’.


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Kelly Piquet, more than just Verstappen’s cheerleader, is an entity of her own. Born to F1 legend Nelson Piquet and Dutch model Sylvia Tamsma, Kelly’s life has been a unique blend of race paddocks and runway ramps. With her beau, Verstappen, clinching titles and establishing dominance on the track, she’s not too far behind, asserting her own presence in the glamorous world of fashion. On top of that, with the recent New York Fashion Week, Kelly has once again demonstrated why she’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of haute couture. While the Singapore GP is on Verstappen’s immediate horizon, it’s evident that a part of his heart is racing in New York. What happens when the roar of the racetrack fades and a queen claims the streets of the Big Apple in high fashion?

The world weighs in on ‘Mrs. Verstappen’s’ NYC moment

If the streets of NYC were a canvas, Kelly Piquet painted it with her inimitable style, and fans didn’t hesitate to dip their brushes. As the reel unfolded, racing enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike took to their keyboards, everyone seemed to have a take on ‘Mrs. Verstappen’. Their fingers raced, not on tracks, but on screens, celebrating, critiquing, and claiming.

“Future Mrs Verstappen 😍🔥”

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the future Mrs. Verstappen. Wow Kelly, you are such a beautiful woman!😍”

“Cant wait for baby Verstappen 😍”

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“The queen of leaving me speechless”

“Kelly is absolutely stunning..Max is a lucky man.”

Lately, fans have urged Max to tie the knot with the Brazilian model seeing their adorable bond. For now, the Dutchman is certainly at the height of his powers in F1. So maybe Kelly may have to wait but the couple seems to be sorted to get hitched!

“Mother of God has descended 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“She looks more of max than max himself 😂”


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“Max winning on and off the track”

“@maxverstappen1 you are winning at life my friend 💪”

“holy mother of god you are STUNNING queen ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”


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One thing’s crystal clear: while the racetracks belong to Max, the streets of NYC? They’re all Kelly’s. And we’re here for it!

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