Oscar Piastri Confesses to Adopting Peculiar Dietary Ritual for High Spirits at McLaren

Published 08/18/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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Oscar Piastri has been steadily carving his path in the elite racing arena, leaving a trail of admiration and curiosity in his wake. As the sole rookie to garner significant points and exhibit an innate understanding of F1’s intricacies, Piastri is turning what’s often perceived as a formidable challenge into something remarkably effortless. Nyck de Vries and Logan Sargeant, Piastri’s rookie companions, have stumbled on their F1 journey. One lost his seat as the other one faces an uncertain future. Yet, Piastri’s journey has been a different tune.

As the summer break arrives, the McLaren driver finds himself seated on a commendable 34 points, with a front row start, a coveted podium—his P2 finish in the Spa Sprint race—all elements of a story well-told. However, it’s Piastri’s culinary choice that might raise an eyebrow or two. F1 drivers require not just skill and precision but also peak physical fitness. The punishing forces experienced during a race are extraordinary – from the intense acceleration and deceleration forces to the brutal cornering impacts. A balanced diet not only ensures optimal energy levels but also supports mental clarity and focus, essential components for success on the track.


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But Piastri’s whimsical indulgence amidst the disciplined diet regimen of F1 drivers adds a touch of irony to the narrative. During his visit to MTC, Piastri revealed the very first thing he does upon arriving, Text my engineers to find out where they are, have a debrief over coffee or hot chocolate, some pastries as well…got to keep the pun going.” A sentiment that resonates with his playful approach to life both on and off the track. It showcases the human side of the sport, reminding us that amidst the high-speed competition, there’s a shared sense of enjoyment and connection that keeps the team’s spirits high.

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Delving deeper into the dynamic world of McLaren, we find that the culinary inclinations of F1 drivers are as diverse as the circuits they conquer. Last year, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, opened the curtain on their dietary preferences, shedding light on their unique approaches to nutrition.

Oscar Piastri’s culinary quirkiness finds company


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Delving deeper into the dynamic world of McLaren, we find that the culinary inclinations of F1 drivers are as diverse as the circuits they conquer. Lando Norris, known for his spirited performances on the track, offered a glimpse into his off-track indulgence. While maintaining a strict diet, Norris confessed to occasionally treating himself to a quick fix of McDonald’s – chicken nuggets, to be precise. His culinary repertoire, however, remains geared towards whole foods, hydration, and healthy choices, a testament to the demands of his profession.

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On the other side of the paddock, Daniel Ricciardo shared his approach to maintaining a balanced diet. The charismatic driver highlighted the importance of whole foods and balance, emphasizing the trio of carbs, proteins, and fats in his meals. Ricciardo’s metabolism, known for its swiftness, allows him the luxury of enjoying both the naughty and the nutritious sides of the culinary spectrum.


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It’s a reminder that even in the midst of a high-stakes sport, the human spirit finds ways to express itself, adding layers of depth and personality to the storylines that unfold both on and off the track.


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