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Pressure Intensified on Toto Wolff Over Lewis Hamilton’s Contract Duration as Anthony Highlights Son’s “Sacrifices”

Published 08/15/2023, 10:00 AM EDT

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When contract negotiations started at Brackley, Lewis Hamilton first wanted a $25 million-a-year 10-year deal, with 2 years in the racing seat and 8 years as Mercedes’ ambassador. Toto Wolff and Mercedes quickly rejected that suggestion and instead pointed to how they wanted a one-year guaranteed extension with the possibility of a second, a 1+1 deal. From the looks of it, Mercedes seems to have gotten what it wanted. In the midst of this tension, an unexpected source has shed light on an aspect that transcends mere racing strategies and numbers: Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton.

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Mercedes hasn’t had the best couple of seasons with no win in the last season and in the 1st half of the current season and the spotlight is now cast upon Toto Wolff and the delicates surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s contract duration. With a rumored 2-year deal, already signed between Hamilton and Mercedes, despite Hamilton wanting a longer deal in terms of duration. The duration of this new contract is not merely a contractual detail, it’s a reflection of Hamilton’s strategic vision for his F1 journey. While the broader community debates the pros and cons of team dynamics, car performance, and championship aspirations, Anthony Hamilton shines a spotlight on a crucial factor: Lewis’s enjoyment of the sport. Yet, Lewis’ passion endures.


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Lewis Hamilton had candidly revealed, “Honestly, I have moments where I’m like ‘I don’t know if I can keep going’.” Reflecting on his statement, Anthony says, “Although Lewis has moments of doubt due to the travels and sacrifices required, he still feels the same passion while driving, which makes him look forward to another 5 years in the sport” The modern Formula 1 circuit demands a delicate balance between professional ambition and personal well-being, often at odds with the intense travel commitments and sacrifices required.

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While Hamilton remains steadfast in his commitments, the allure of Ferrari pleased Anthony Hamilton.

Anthony Hamilton’s Wish Declined by Lewis Hamilton


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Since his debut in 2007, Hamilton’s progress has echoed far beyond the racetracks. The allure of his talents has not escaped Ferrari’s radar, invoking both desire and frustration. Anthony Hamilton, instrumental in his son’s success, once harbored dreams of a Ferrari partnership, envisioning the prancing horse as the ultimate stage for Hamilton’s talents. However, the trajectory of fate unfolded differently.

Ferrari president personally contacted Hamilton on prospects of joining Ferrari for the 2024 season with whopping $49 million a year offer, Hamilton, firmly rooted in his ten-year residence with Mercedes, chose to extend his alliance with the Brackley-based team and said “No thank you.” This echoes the sentiments of 2015, when Hamilton’s words – “No, don’t be silly. My contract at Mercedes should be done this week” – reverberated through Maranello.


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What do you think will Hamilton ever stop enjoying the sport he loves with so much passion?

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