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In a recent celebration, Formula 1’s power couple, Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet shared an intimate moment that is sure to melt one’s heart. The Dutchman, known for his cold and single-minded approach on the track, is having a rather delightful time with his partner during the winter break as they celebrate Kelly’s birthday. Off the racetrack, Max Verstappen turns into a gentleman, sharing light and playful moments not only with his girlfriend but also with her daughter.

Their journey began in 2016 during a dinner with Kelly’s older brother, Nelson Jr. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet officially declared their love, sharing the news through an Instagram post that took the Orange Army by storm. Piquet, who has become a familiar presence in the paddock, adds to the joyful moments of Verstappen winning the races, which he has done so often this season.

Max and Kelly jet off to Monaco for birthday celebrations


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As Max Verstappen continues to dominate with Red Bull, his love story with Kelly Piquet adds a more human touch to the narrative of Formula 1. The recent milestone of the Dutchman’s third championship provided yet another reason for celebration in their relationship. And speaking of merrymaking, the couple recently gave fans a glimpse into their love life during Piquet’s birthday celebration at the Sass Cafè in Monaco.

maxv1stappen__ a renowned Instagram fan page, shared scenes from the festivities, describing the moment as “Super Brazilian Max celebrating Kelly’s birthday with the Brazilian flag in the background!” The comments section of the post overflowed with love-filled messages from their close ones, reflecting the warmth and affection within their inner circle.

The intimate moment between Max and Kelly, framed against the backdrop of birthday celebrations, resonates with fans who appreciate the balance between the fierce competition on the track and the genuine connections off it.

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As the couple celebrates three years together, the question arises: Are wedding bells in the future for Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet?

When is Max Verstappen planning to marry girlfriend Kelly Piquet?

In a recent interview with the Swiss newspaper Blick, the 26-year-old Dutch driver hinted at the possibility of a spontaneous proposal. When asked about their marriage plans, Verstappen expressed his contentment with Kelly but emphasized his lack of a fixed timeline for popping the question.

“Marry? me? I don’t know, time will tell. I’m very, very happy with Kelly at the moment. But I personally don’t have a timetable for when I get down on one knee in front of her. It will all have to happen spontaneously. The right day will come, the one in which we will feel we can put our relationship on paper,” the Dutchman shared.


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The couple’s decision, or lack thereof, to tie the knot is met with anticipation from fans who are invested not only in the excitement on the F1 tracks but also in the personal lives of their favorite drivers. The couple currently resides together in the Dutchman’s Monaco apartment, sharing their home with Kelly’s daughter, Penelope.


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Verstappen has often spoken about his desire to retire early from F1. Do you think he will think of tying the knot once he is done racing in F1? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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