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Shakira once said, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo,” referring to her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué. Fast forward to the present, and fans are now buzzing with excitement as rumors circulate about Shakira’s new romantic connection with Lewis Hamilton. Piqué’s recent comment about Hamilton’s racing status only adds fuel to the fire. So, has Shakira truly traded her Twingo for a Mercedes?

In a live event, Piqué joined his ex-Barcelona teammate Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero. When asked if he supports an English pilot, Aguero responded by saying, “Yes, I say the one who is number one,” causing laughter among the attendees. Piqué, however, couldn’t resist chiming in and asked, “But is [he] number one?” Oh, the suspense! Did emotions get the best of Piqué, or was he just teasing us all? Just like he drove a Twingo for training after the diss.


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It seems the Spanish Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton was not only driven by Lady Luck but possibly by a blossoming romance as well. While no official statements have been made by either party, According to People magazine, a trusted source revealed that Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are currently in the “getting to know you” stage, keeping things light, fun, and flirty. Their time spent together has been filled with laughter and excitement, suggesting a growing connection between the two.


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Fans React to the Shakira Effect on Lewis Hamilton

While the world eagerly awaits confirmation from the couple themselves, their chemistry and shared experiences seem to indicate that love might indeed be driving Hamilton’s recent successes. But fans believe Piqué may be experiencing regret as he witnesses Hamilton win over Shakira and the newfound attention she is receiving.

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Some fans also suggested that Lewis Hamilton is an upgrade for Shakira.

What do you think are they the new power couple in the making, or is it simply an enchanting distraction on the sidelines?

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