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When Hollywood meets the world of Formula 1, the results can be truly extraordinary. Just like the iconic racing scene in Iron Man 2, where Tony Stark takes on the Monaco GP, his mentee, Tom Holland, found himself captivated by the allure of Formula 1. Recently, Holland had the opportunity to share a lunch with his idol, Lewis Hamilton, igniting a spark of admiration that would lead him to express an ambitious desire that resonates with his on-screen superhero persona.

Lewis Hamilton fulfilled Neymar Jr.’s lifelong dream by granting him a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Brazilian soccer icon, Neymar, who had declared his admiration for Hamilton and his favorite F1 team, Red Bull, had an unexpected encounter with the British driver in Monaco. However, Hamilton more than made up for the mix-up by arranging for Neymar to sit in the cockpit of a real F1 car worth approx. $15,000,000, is a dream come true for the soccer superstar. Following Hamilton’s gesture, Tom Holland, the beloved Spider-Man, recently revealed an even bigger wish involving Lewis Hamilton.

Tom Holland’s Desire ft. Lewis Hamilton


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Tom Holland and Lewis Hamilton recently had a lunch date in New York City, at Sant Ambroeus. For Holland, it was an honor to dine with his role model, even if it meant temporarily adopting a vegan diet to accommodate Hamilton’s preferences. As an avid fan of Formula 1 and a self-proclaimed die-hard supporter of Lewis Hamilton, Tom Holland has made his presence in the F1 paddock a regular occurrence.

Tom Holland expressed his desire to drive an F1 car and stated that he would love to trade places with Lewis Hamilton, stepping into Hamilton’s shoes and experiencing the thrill of driving an F1 car firsthand. Holland hailed Hamilton as the best in the business, emphasizing his admiration for the British driver’s talent and character. Holland exclaimed, “He’s obviously the best at it, and no one does it like him. To step into his shoes would be an honor.” This revelation showcased Holland’s genuine passion for racing and his appreciation for Hamilton’s extraordinary talent.

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But if they were actually trading places, wouldn’t Lewis Hamilton become the Spider-Man?

While Tom Holland Admires Lewis Hamilton, Tom Cruise seems Disappointed


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While Tom Holland basks in the glow of his lunch with racing legend Lewis Hamilton, The Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise, finds himself entangled in emotions quite different. The Colombian pop sensation Shakira has been at the center of rumors regarding her romantic involvement with Hamilton.

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While Lewis Hamilton and Shakira’s alleged romance continues to make headlines, Tom Cruise finds himself inadvertently embroiled in the saga. Cruise, who also met Shakira at the Miami Grand Prix, was reportedly hurt by the dating rumors surrounding the Colombian icon and Hamilton. Sources suggest that Cruise had shown interest in Shakira, only to be met with her apparent lack of reciprocation. The news of Shakira’s relationship with the F1 driver came as a blow to Cruise, especially considering that he considered Hamilton a friend.


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Lewis Hamilton’s F1 commitments prevented him from making a cameo in Tom Cruise’s Top Gun. But will this romantic entanglement strain their friendship or will their mutual respect prevail?

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