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There’s a surprising twist unfolding in the off-track life of one of Formula 1’s most influential figures. Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, finds himself in a web of intrigue and soccer-themed surprises with his alleged romantic interest, the global music sensation Shakira.

The rumored connection between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton has been a rollercoaster for the fans. After her public split with Gerard Pique, Shakira sought solace, and it seemed that the British racing champion, Lewis Hamilton, emerged as a potential love interest. The duo’s public appearances and cozy dinners fueled the rumors, making them the talk of the town.

The rumored girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton shakes up their romance scene with a recent Instagram story


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The spark of the rumored romance between the Mercedes driver and the Colombian seemed to have faded as quickly as it ignited. Despite early glimpses of their romance, Shakira’s absence from the Formula 1 paddock raised a few doubts. Shakira seemed to have taken a backseat from the F1 scene, despite previous appearances at events like the Spanish Grand Prix.

But just when the murmurs of their relationship began to wane, Shakira injected a fresh element into the narrative. In a surprising Instagram story, she posted a snapshot from the recent Arsenal versus Brentford football match with a caption that read, “waka waka @arsenal style.” The unexpected nod to the North London football club has left the F1 world to speculate about the underlying message and its connection to Lewis Hamilton.


Lewis Hamilton has been a dedicated Arsenal fan since childhood. His sister, Samantha Lockhart, playfully nudged him into supporting the Gunners when he was just six years old. The British racing icon has often shared anecdotes about his early football days, claiming to have played in teams from the tender age of four. Shakira’s newfound support for Arsenal begs the question: is this a subtle hint that the rumored couple is still very much together?

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As the rumors of Lewis Hamilton’s love interest with Shakira die down, the 7-time world champion sets his eyes on Brazil for a new love interest.

Lewis Hamilton confesses about finding a Brazilian girlfriend

In the world of Lewis Hamilton’s love life, a new chapter is unfolding—from dancing with Shakira to setting his sights on Brazil. In July, Hamilton and Shakira had a night out at a London nightclub, sparking rumors of a deeper connection beyond the dance floor.

Now, having gone separate ways in August, Hamilton is making eyes at Brazil, not just for its thrilling Grand Prix but possibly for romance too. In an interview during the Brazilian Grand Prix, Hamilton casually mentioned, “At some stage, I have to learn Portuguese. But I think I need to come live here [Brazil] to be able to do that or get a Brazilian girlfriend, maybe.



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As fans absorb this shift in focus from the 7-time world champion, questions about Hamilton’s past with Shakira remain. The duo never confirmed their relationship, leaving fans curious about what might have been.


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