Who Is Flo Norris: Lando Norris’ Equestrian Champion Sister?

Published 09/01/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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Lando Norris is a name that resonates with speed and precision, a young F1 sensation who has left his mark on the racing tracks. But behind every star, there’s often a story, and in this case, it’s the tale of his equally impressive sister. where adrenaline rushes and split-second decisions define success, there exists a parallel universe of equestrian showjumping, where precision and finesse take center stage. Amidst this fascinating landscape, a rising star is making her mark – Flo Norris, the sister of Lando Norris.

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While Lando commands the F1 circuits, Flo has embarked on her own journey as a rising showjumper, capturing hearts and victories on the international equestrian stage. Before we explore the life of Flo Norris, it’s essential to understand the unique context that surrounds her.

What is Showjumping?


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Showjumping is an elegant and exciting equestrian sport that combines the grace and agility of horses with the skill and precision of riders showcasing the harmony between horse and rider. The objective is to navigate a series of obstacles within a set time frame, with penalties for knocking down jumps or exceeding the time limit. Showjumping demands a deep bond between rider and horse, as well as an innate understanding of the animal’s movements and capabilities.

Who is Flo Norris?

Flo Norris, Lando’s younger sister is not just a sibling in the shadow of her famous brother. Hailing from Somerset, England, she has carved out her own path to stardom in the world of showjumping. Born in 2002, Flo’s journey into the world of equestrian sports began at the tender age of 5 when she discovered her passion for horses. As a child, she showed immense promise and made waves by clinching first and second place in the under-16 class at the prestigious 2017 British Showjumping National Championships held at Stoneleigh. Flo’s talent transcended national boundaries, as she made her mark at international tournaments while still in her teens.


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What sets Flo apart is not just her early success but her tenacity and determination to excel on the international stage. At the age of seventeen, she showcased her talent at The London International Horse Show, and at just nineteen, she competed in the under-25 division at the esteemed Royal Windsor event, showcasing her remarkable skills on the global stage. Flo’s rise to prominence in showjumping has been nothing short of extraordinary. Today, despite being in her early twenties, Flo Norris is a well-known international showjumper, representing Great Britain in various equestrian events, including dressage, eventing, hunters, and equitation.

Flo Norris’ Family and Lando Norris

Flo Norris shares her incredible journey with her family, including her older brother Lando Norris. Born just two years apart, Flo and Lando both attended Millfield School in Street, Somerset. The family’s strong bond and support for each other’s pursuits are evident, despite their different arenas of interest.

Flo grew up in Bristol, a city in the United Kingdom, in a privileged environment. Flo Norris hails from a remarkable family with a diverse heritage. Her parents, Adam and Cisca Norris raised her and her siblings in Bristol. Adam Norris, her father, is not only a loving parent but also a successful entrepreneur, having invested significantly in start-up enterprises and amassed substantial wealth. He is widely regarded as one of the wealthiest individuals in Bristol and holds a prominent stake in Hargreaves Lansdown. His net worth has placed him among the UK’s richest, standing at $205 million.

Flo is not alone in her pursuit of excellence. She has three siblings, including her elder brother Oliver, who has made a name for himself as a competitive karting racer, and her younger sister Cisca. Despite their family’s substantial fortune, Adam Norris has always been a staunch supporter of Flo and her brother Lando’s endeavors in showjumping and motorsports. His guidance and support have played a pivotal role in their success.

Flo, however, is not content to rely solely on her family’s wealth. She is determined to achieve financial independence and live a life grounded in her passion for showjumping.

Is Flo Norris Single?

While Flo Norris’ life is bustling with equestrian commitments and a determination to excel in showjumping, she also has a love life of her own. Flo is in a relationship with Carmen Edwards, a fellow equestrian who shares her passion for horse riding. Carmen Edwards, a notable figure in the equestrian world, has participated in various horse riding championships and has proudly represented Great Britain on the international circuit. His recent victory at the Kronenberg competition while riding Happy Valerie is a testament to his prowess in the field.


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Flo and Carmen’s shared passion for equestrian sports has undoubtedly brought them closer. As they continue to pursue their dreams in the saddle, their relationship adds another layer of excitement to Flo’s already captivating journey.


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In a world where excellence is the currency of achievement, the Norris siblings have emerged as shining stars in their own right. Their stories inspire us to chase our dreams relentlessly, fueled by passion, dedication, and unwavering family support. With every lap Lando completes and every jump Flo conquers, they remind us that the journey to success is a dynamic and diverse one. So let the Norris legacy be a testament to the fact that each of us has the potential to carve our own path, to leap over hurdles, and speed toward our aspirations with the wind at our backs.

For in the world of motorsport and equestrian brilliance, the Norris siblings have shown us that it’s not just about crossing the finish line – it’s about the journey that leads us there.

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