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Fortnite: Popular Leaker Reveals the Insane Spawn Chance of the Upcoming Midas Flopper

Fortnite: Popular Leaker Reveals the Insane Spawn Chance of the Upcoming Midas Flopper

This season of Fortnite saw the return of many characters and assorted cosmetics. The game has already brought back Batman, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy, and had confirmed the resurrection of Midas in the game, as a part of the upcoming “Last Laugh Bundle”. But even before he makes his return, data miners and leaks had suggested that the game will be getting a new flopper by the same name soon.

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From what the leaks suggest, the Midas Flopper will upgrade all the items in the player’s inventory to Legendary rarity. The flopper even looks like the character Midas from the Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. It has a scar on one eye, swiped hair, a tattoo, and a black-tie, along with gold fins and tail. The flopper itself will belong to the legendary rarity as well. However, there still hasn’t been any further news or updates about it until now.

The Midas Flopper (Source: Fortnite Fandom)

Will Fortnite soon have the Legendary Midas Flopper?

Recently, popular Fortnite data miner and leaker HYPEX posted a tweet showing that the devs have included what might be at least a placeholder for the Midas Flopper within the game files. According to HYPEX’s tweet, the Midas flopper will have a spawn chance of 0.00004% with a pro fishing rod at the fishing spots.

Even for an item of legendary rarity, a 0.00004% spawn chance makes the item extremely rare, which is understandable for an item that can upgrade a player’s entire inventory to the legendary tier. Although the game files have already listed the item and its rarity, it is most likely a placeholder for when the flopper actually becomes available in-game.

Note that the list also shows that the spawn chance of Small Fry is 0%. However, this does not mean that Fortnite has removed or disabled this item. HYPEX clears the doubt in one of the replies to the tweet.

This flopper is sure to make things more interesting with its ability. Maybe Fortnite will have new challenges built around it. But its spawn chance will make it a hard task to locate it in the first place, making it one of the most useful and rare items in the game.

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