Billionaires Hal Steinbrenner and James Dolan Roasted by Yankees and Knicks Fans as ‘Sell the Team’ Sentiment Takes Over

Published 09/21/2023, 10:00 AM EDT

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New York is a city of dreams. Millions arrive in the city with high expectations, but only a portion of them see their aspirations realized. Some of those who achieve their goals find themselves subject to ongoing scrutiny, leading to a perpetual sense of pressure. The same is the situation with the New York Yankees. The 27x champions are in one of the worst runs in recent times, with 2023 playoffs out of reach. As a result, owner Hal Steinbrenner is facing the heat of the fans. But he is not the only one under pressure in New York.

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Notably, billionaire James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers, is unhappy with the city’s fanbase. Although he loves both of his teams, he is utterly disappointed about fans constantly criticizing him for his limited success. Dolan took a tone similar to his counterpart, Hal, who criticized the baseball fans from New York. The Knicks owner has now shared his anger with the fanbase of NBA and NHL teams. But it has not sat well with the fans, who have shared the same feeling in their social media reactions.

James Dolan Joins Hal Steinbrenner Contemplating Owing a New York-Based Sports Team


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It is difficult to find success in New York, a city with a lot of passion and expectations. The reason being the benchmarks it set. This theory is more visible in sports, with successful teams of the past not under criticism from fans. Undoubtedly, it is difficult for anyone. Hal Steinbrenner, the owner of the Yankees, addressed it. It happened after he asked about the reason behind the fan anger while terming it without any strong base. Now it seems he has a companion in this thought, with James Dolan sharing a similar view.


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According to a post shared by Sny TV, the Knicks and Rangers owner feels the fanbase in New York is tough. Although they are passionate, they add to his frustration with constant critical thoughts. Dolan added, “Every fan thinks of themselves as the owner/GM. You’re not beloved until you’re dead.”


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His words reflected thoughts that fans showed after the Knicks and Rangers could not satisfy their aspirations. One team failed to make it to the NBA playoffs, another lost in the NHL postseason. However, given the fans still love teams by heart, they did not like his comparison. After calling out Hal to sell the Yankees, they have trolled Dolan with similar advice on his latest take.

New York Fans Share Familiar Advice as Another Owner Criticizes Them

Fans from New York love their teams a lot. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or hockey, they show a lot of passion. But with it, they are also demand the teams to succeed. And when it does not happen, fans dislike it and want owners to address it. But when not adhered to, they are unhappy. It was visible in their advice that game after Dolan shared his conflicting thoughts.

One fan wrote, “If he hate it so much why not sell the teams then”

Another one shared, “Sell them to Steve Cohen then”

One reminded him of the reason behind it, “The Rangers haven’t won in 30 years and the Knicks haven’t since the 70s why the hell would you be loved”

A few more shared similar thoughts.


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One said, “Then sell the teams, James. Nobody wants you.”

Another added, “He hates it so much he’s been there 25 years and bans fans who protest his ineptitude.”


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Fans are unhappy with his comparison and have advised him to sell the team. Will Dolan be interested in doing so? Or was it his frustration that brought him the trouble again? Let us know your side in the comments.

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