Bryce Harper Makes Blunder, Dons Unlucky 76ers Jersey Before Crucial Showdown, Phillies Lose Against Underdogs Diamondbacks

Published 10/25/2023, 7:41 AM EDT

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After a fierce battle of weeks, MLB is one result away from finalizing the two World Series challengers. The Texas Rangers have already clinched a berth for the finals. On Tuesday, all eyes were on the Philadelphia Phillies and the Arizona Diamondbacks to see who would make it to the ultimate battle. Most expected Philly’s Bryce Harper to shine on the field, but Citizens Bank Park witnessed another home defeat. And it may be the city’s star player’s fault.

Harper, who has been rock solid this season, choked at a crucial point in the NLCS. Confidently entering the stadium, he took inspiration from an NBA star from Philly but it came at the worst possible time. The first Game 7 in franchise history ended in disaster, making fans’ worst fears come true.

Bryce Harper’s Brotherly Nod to Philadelphia 76ers Ends in Tragedy


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With limitless respect, there is no barrier in the sports world of the City of Brotherly Love. Watching players across sports interact with each other is usually a huge hit with fans. Whether it’s a physical interaction or an exchange of items, they’re guaranteed to take the internet by storm. So when Bryce Harper showed up in an NBA-themed shirt, it was the talk of the internet. But for once, it wasn’t all cheerful.

Harper entered The Bank in a Philadelphia 76ers City Edition Patrick Beverley jersey for game seven. It was a great entry, especially because it was reminiscent of Joel Embiid repping the Phillies a few weeks ago. Harper is known for openly supporting the city’s other sports teams, and can often be found wearing Eagles green on his feet or wrists.


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The slugger even repped Deion Sanders during the NLDS against the Braves. And although that outfit earned the praise of the internet, Harper wasn’t so lucky this time.

But for once, fans did not appreciate the Beverley gesture, especially because it came at a crucial point in the Phillies’ postseason. The 76ers are not the best team associated with postseason victories. Since superstitions are a natural part of sports, who can blame Philadelphia for its negative reactions?

Fans’ Worst Fears Come True as Philadelphia Phillies Lose World Series Spot

Baseball loves cross sports interactions but not when a critical victory is on the line. The same went for Harper, whose NBA representation failed to attract positivity.

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The reason lies in the losing run associated with the Philadelphia 76ers, who have lost multiple conference semifinals. The less-than-appreciable playoff record of Patrick Beverley also added to it, as he has yet to win any championship. Fans feared the same curse would befall the Phillies.

Another observed how even non-superstitious people would find fault with the move.

One couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Another predicted thing may not go the Phillies’ way.


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One referred to Beverley’s past battle with Arizona, though it did not bode well for Bryce Harper.


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As many feared, the underdogs Arizona Diamondbacks knocked the Phillies out of the World Series. Moreover, Bryce Harper had a poor outing, with zero runs and zero hits. With all these factors combined, superstition became an unfortunate reality.


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