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Accusations Mount Against Yankees Captain Aaron Judge Amid Escalating Canadian Wildfire Threatening New York

Published 06/09/2023, 9:41 AM EDT

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The after-effects of the forest fires in Canada have reached the states. The skies have gotten red because of the smoke from the wildfires. It has also made the air in New York the most polluted in the world. The situation in the city has made it difficult for people and the events, including the ongoing MLB games.

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The New York Yankees were one team that the ongoing crisis badly affected. Their second game of the series against the Chicago White Sox got postponed because of the unplayable conditions at the stadium. It has also started the conversation in the baseball community regarding the forest fires. Few fans have even found a relationship between the Yankees’ captain with what’s happening in Canada!

Fans relate the fiery performances of Aaron Judge against the Blue Jays to the crisis


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Aaron Judge has set up new records playing for the Yankees. One of them is the most run against the Toronto Blue Jays. The 2022 MVP achieved this feat during the series win last month. He surpassed the former Yankees’ great Jorge Pasoda with a home run against the Jays. With the home run against the Jays, the 31-year-old set up a new AL record for most home runs.

Aaron Judge’s Latest New York Yankees Record Proves the Toronto Blue Jays Are His Favorite Opponents

His dominance against the Jays has made the fans feel he can do anything against the Toronto-based side. Adding more to the same belief, a fan shared a clip of Judge’s home run relating it to the fire. Replying to the question, Who set the fire in Canada, he wrote, “Aaron Judge set Canada on fire”


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His response to the crisis was unusual, but the baseball fans liked it. The Yankees fans, who are not very fond of the Jays, echoed in the same voice while reacting to the claim!

Fans feel the above theory could be true

The situation has become critical as the effect of the fires has spread over the continent. But the baseball fans have found all the incidents to as a reason for continuing their banter. Adding their reactions, they have strengthened the unusual claim of Judge’s involvement in forest fires. Here are a few of the reactions on the same!


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Fans have their reasons for these sarcastic claims. Putting the banter aside, the situation is critical. As the authorities try to take control of the situation, prayers will be that the situation becomes normal again.


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