After Seemingly Ending Rivalry, Derek Jeter Betrays Alex Rodriguez by Partnering With $31B Company That Killed His Panini Move In 2021

Published 09/09/2023, 12:33 PM EDT

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Former Yankees legends Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are two of the biggest names in modern MLB history. Both graced sports for decades and found all the success. It includes winning the 2009 World Series as teammates. Though more than their partnership, their rivalry remained the point of talking. It happened after Rodriguez said something against Jeter which broke the great bond. However, the situation looked normal as the two shared spaces together. But did the ex-Yankees captain change the scene, again?

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Given their rivalry was not limited to the field, every decision beyond the diamond had an impact. Especially when one went against the other, adding more to the fierceness of their relationship. It looked like it was settling up. However, Jeter’s visit to a company that affected Rodriguez’s deal with baseball card maker Panini has changed the situation.

Derek Jeter Attends an Event Organized by Fanatics

The Ex Yankees captain Derek Jeter is one of the strong advocators of collectibles. Though he never could share it publicly during his playing days, he recently revealed that is to be the case. And showing the same, he recently attended the event organized by Fanatics. An Instagram post from Michael Rubin confirmed the same.


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Notably, it is the card-making company that signed a deal with the MLB hurting top companies and Alex Rodriguez. According to a report from the New York Post, Alex Rodriguez ended talks to merge his public company Slam Corp with Italian baseball card maker Panini. The move came after $31 billion Fanatics won an exclusive contract with Major League Baseball and its players’ association to make trading cards.

The reason behind this was the fall in the value of Panini after they lost to the Fanatics. It hampered Rodriguez who had a big plan to enter the collectibles market. And now his former teammate’s visit has added more to the case. Will it be a revisit for the fierce rivalry the two players shared years back?

When Two Friends Became Rivals

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were best buddies. But it all changed after Alex commented against his friend Jeter. It happened after the 14-time All-Star signed his $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers, becoming the player with the largest contract at the time.

“I’ve Gone From a Nine to a Four,” When Alex Rodriguez Compared Himself With His Teammate Derek Jeter

It was an outstanding achievement, and all the eyes were on him. But he disturbed his relationship with his friend. When asked who can break his contract record, Alex said anyone but not Jeter. These comments broke the trust between the two friends and ended their friendship.

But things looked improved between the two as they joined the Fox Studio together. Though will Jeter’s visit hamper the connection again? What are your thoughts on it? Share it in the comments below.

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