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“Arrogant S*it”: Fury Unleashed on Yankees Flop Josh Donaldson’s Audacious Clubhouse Attitude After Bold “Know Who I Am” Remark

Published 09/26/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Late August, The New York Yankees faced a difficult decision that would shape the destiny of their team. They had to bid farewell to none other than Josh Donaldson, a seasoned warrior on the diamond. But this wasn’t just any ordinary decision; it was a choice born out of necessity, a need to clear space for the rising stars of their farm system. Little did they know that this tale was far from over, for destiny had other plans in store for Josh. As the ex-Yankee donned the Brewers’ uniform, he embraced a fresh chapter in his career. While Donaldson knows his worth and not treading with humility, his fellow teammates give his audacity a bittersweet welcome.

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The infamous former third baseman has raised some eyebrows. Released by a premier team owing to poor performance, Josh is turning his image around with his new team. Already smashing two homers in the first nine games, he is a catalyst in the Milwaukee Brewers attaining the lead in their division. The Brewers sensed a need for some attitude adjustment in the clubhouse after a strange reply that Donaldson gave. A request to orient himself in the initial Brewers days turned into a stage for flaunting power. One of his teammates opened up about the Yankees’ flop, and fans wondered,” God complex much?

Josh Donaldson Is Welcomed In His Team With Mixed Feelings


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Josh Donaldson, now a Brewers was welcomed in his (current) clubhouse like any other player. As a courteous gesture, he was asked to introduce himself. In an episode of Foul Territory, Rowdy Tellez, his dear teammate articulated further on what happened next. He quoted Donaldson, “Everybody knows who I am”. Given Donaldson’s history, isn’t it evident that there was arrogance spewing out?  

The 37-year-old showed up in only 33 games this season for New York. This ill-famed former Yankee is known to have spent more time recovering than playing. His presence (and absence) in the team, a big fat contract, and his sub-par history did not sit well in the Bronx.


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Milwaukee was clear with their intention of wanting a power hitter when they onboarded him. The 2015 MVP stood by his consistent approach in delivering a high at-bat quality. When the Brewers welcomed him, he proved to be valuable for them. Quite a contrarian. Brewers’ starter, Adrian Houser even nicknamed as the The ‘Bringer Of Rain“.

Donaldson is a stark example of transforming liabilities into assets. Brewers outfielder Tyrone Taylor commenting on the impact Josh on their team said, “Ever since he’s been here, you could feel his presence,” he said. “He’s been mashing for us. I was doing cage work today, just listening to him talk about his approach and about life really. It’s cool to be around him.”

Despite the amazing twist in his professional tale there is a bitter sweet chapter. Rowdy’s revelation poured in ridicule on social media. 

Flurry of Furious Fan Comments

When one talks about the 2015 AL MVP, it is inevitable to relate his on-field absence with his off-field presence. Irrespective of where he is, his infamy is loud and clear. Fans saw Donaldson as more of a liability than a strength with the Yankees. So, as soon as they got the chance they took a dig at him.

One of them said, Dude won mvp and it sent his god complex through the roof

Perhaps not the first time his character has raised questions. Josh Donaldson could have been a first ballot hall of pretty decent player inductee, except for the character clause

History repeats itself. One fan noticed a pattern. He was a arrogant shit when he was with the Jays….i see nothing has changed.


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Commenting on his performance, fans spoke critically. Everyone knows how bad he’s been the last few years too lol

Comments showed that he is not loved by most. A fan savaging him wrote; “Donaldson should go home and spend time with his family… unless his fam doesn’t like him either 🤷🏽‍♂️


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Donaldson is different from when he won the AL MVP award in 2015. At the age of 37, this veteran’s journey is worth observing. How will this saga with the Milwaukee Brewers span out?

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