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“Athletics to the Pathetics”: Despite $2.5B Networth, Oakland’s John Fisher Fails to Help Hawaii With Cheap $10,000 Donation

Published 08/18/2023, 10:56 AM EDT

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There is no one quite as passionate as the baseball community, always ready to help during the hour of need. Whether financial relief or raising the voices of the unheard, it never fails to come forward. And because of these morals, the MLB started the community assistance platform named MLB Together. Its objectives include disaster relief, public safety, and more. But not all MLB teams have earned fans’ respect through their efforts.

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Following this ideal, MLB has pledged to contribute to the disaster relief efforts in Maui, Hawaii. The Oakland Athletics will contribute to the noble cause of helping the community, as Hawaii faces one of the deadliest wildlife fires of the century. But even after a positive response, the A’s failed to win over fans, who have criticized billionaire owner John Fisher in their social media responses.

Oakland Athletics Contribute $10,000 for Relief Efforts in Hawaii


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Joining hands with the MLB, the Oakland A’s will also contribute to the relief fund. To do it, they asked their supporters to contribute to the cause and collected $10,000. They gave this update in a tweet that read, We are proud to join @MLB in supporting @RedCross with a $10,000 donation to support disaster relief efforts in Hawaii. Help those impacted by the wildfires in Hawaii.”

But according to Oakland Rooted, the donation was not good enough. It emphasized that the amount should be much more than this because of the extensive history and following of the club. They wrote, It’s extremely disappointing to see this donation was significantly lower compared to other sports franchises. The community of Maui needs our help now more than ever, and we call on the @Athletics to raise their donation significantly.


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The message pointed towards a gap in the amount of other sports franchises contributing to the same cause. It includes the 12 sports franchises from Los Angeles, including their counterpart, the Angels. These teams will donate a combined sum of $450,000 to the relief efforts in Maui.

The same response came from the MLB community. The baseball world is already angry with the A’s owner, John Fisher, over the move to Las Vegas. And this recent instance gave them another opportunity to voice their disagreement.

MLB Community Criticizes John Fisher Ever After His Positive Move

Though no amount is less when it comes to helping, given the need of the hour, baseball fans wanted more significant support. And when the A’s fell short of it, they took a dig at their unpopular owner for saving his money.

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While few said it’s embarrassing, few sarcastically said that Fisher might cut the budget of the team after it. Here are some of the tweets in sync with the entire conversation.

A few more fans joined the conversation and called out Fisher for his actions.


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Fans have not liked the sum amount from the Oakland A’s for the relief fund. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the criticism is warranted? Let us know your take down below.

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