“The Greatest 3rd Basemen of All Time”: MLB Greats Join Baseball World in Paying Tribute to Inspirational Legend of Baltimore

Published 09/27/2023, 8:00 AM EDT

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Amidst all the good, 2023 has not been great for the baseball world. It has faced multiple waves of sadness and sorrow with the loss of inspirational personalities that made this sport great. And now the passing of the Hall of Famer and Baltimore Orioles legend, Brooks Robinson, left everyone in shock. The Orioles made it to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. The former champions were joy, but the sad update on their forever star has brought more pain to contend with. Though they are not alone in this, given Brooks’ legacy, the entire world is heartbroken at his passing.

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There are very few baseball players who achieve in their lives. The Orioles legend was one of them. Because of this, Brooks was an inspiration for many. His loss has brought pain to all of them, including multiple Hall of Famers Fergie Jenkins, Wade Boggs, and others. Saddened by his passing, all joined the baseball world to pay respects to Brooks, who left with a legacy that would continue till eternity.

Mr. Hoover, Brooks Robinson Passes Away, Aged 86

Only a few athletes complete their careers playing for a single team in this professional world. Brooks Robinson was one of them. The third baseman played for 23 years wearing the Orioles Jersey and retired as a part of a legacy, often associated with his nickname, Mr. Hoover.

The name came because of his immense contribution to the team. It includes two World Series titles, over a dozen all-star appearances, and a Golden Glove Award. Robinson also became part of the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. It all added to his greatness and his demise a big void behind.

Baltimore Orioles understand it and have shared their tribute in a statement. A part of it read, “He embodied everything great not only about the Orioles, but the game of baseball and the city of Baltimore. We extend our deepest condolences to his wife Constance, their children Brooks David, Christopher, Michael, and Diana, their 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, as well as his many friends across our game and the millions of fans who mourn this immeasurable loss.”

It was a thought from the heart in memory of an outstanding personality who inspired a single team but all. It includes modern greats like Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens.

MLB Greats Share Their Tributes on the Loss of Robinson

Robinson was a legendary athlete. Though gone, his legacy is undying and will always motivate upcoming generations.

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The same was the thought from the MLB greats, who have found inspiration from Brooks Robinson. It also included Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez, who considered Brooks his idol.

Roger described it as an enormous loss and void that will always be there.

Another legend, Cal Ripken Jr. had a similar thought while sharing his tributes for the Brooks.

The Hall of Famers Fergie Jenkins and Wade Boggs, also shared their thoughts on their companion.

It was a sad day for the Baltimore Orioles and the entire baseball world. Given that they have qualified for the postseason and will look to win the World Series title in memory of Brooks Robinson. Wouldn’t it be a great thing? How do you see this? Let us know in the comments.

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