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“If They Fail Its on Them, but..”: Boston Red Sox Legend Staunchly Defends the New York Mets Despite Dreadful Early Season Run

Published 05/05/2023, 11:30 AM EDT

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The New York Mets are not playing well enough this season. They are struggling with their form and have lost half of their games played so far. The Mets have now slipped to the third position in the National League East. Amidst their woes, MLB legend Curt Schilling has shown support to them.

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The Mets are way behind the top-placed Atlanta Braves and are under pressure because of it. Schilling also shared his response to the fans’ criticism of the team’s performance of the season. What exactly former Red Sox player has said?

Curt Schilling shows his support for the struggling Mets!


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Every team wants to perform well, and when it does not happen, they are likely to face the heat. But in these situations, anything positive acts as a helping hand. Schilling’s support for the Mets is of this nature. He shared that sometimes fans overreact in every sport, but the fans should calm down and trust the team.

Schilling’s tweet read, “Given we’re 32 games in and fans overreact as much in baseball as any sport, Mets fans should calm down. They are going to be good, their manager will help make that happen.”


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The legend added that they should stay healthy, and the numbers will come along-  “They just need to get and stay healthy and the numbers will be what they’re supposed to be. With that, 1-2 the ONLY thing you want is to GET to the post-season and cut them loose. If they fail then it’s on them, but just get those two arms into a best of 5.”


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How has the New York Mets season progressed so far?

The New York Mets had a positive start to the season but have lost track lately. The recent form is not ideal, as they are on a three-game losing run. In the last game against the Detroit Tigers, the Mets could not even hit a single run. The more concerning is their pitching situation. The complete team has to do something about it.

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The next challenge for the Mets is against the Colorado Rockies, who are not in the best of their shape. It will be a perfect moment for the Mets to find their way back this season. They should try to win this and give their fans something to cheer for. Will the Mets make it count? Only time will tell.


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What do you guys think of this situation? Do you agree with what the MLB legend has said? Do share your thoughts in the comments section!



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