Despite Barry Bonds Being a Loner, the Giants Legend Once Shockingly Expressed a “Lonely” Feeling

Published 08/17/2023, 9:35 AM EDT

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One of the most distinct baseball personalities, Barry Bonds is often associated with fierceness on and off the field. During his career, he claimed many victories and strengthened his dominance, becoming a potent force to contend with. However, it brought conflicts for the MLB star and forced people away from him, and made him a loner. Though Bonds accepted the fact that he does not feel included most of the time, he was visibly upset about it once.

Baseball is a team game and understanding between players is at the base of it. Clubhouses, including the dressing rooms, play a significant role in creating this connection. But with Bonds, the situation was different. His teammates often ignored and left Bonds out. Though initially, Bonds did not mind it, when repeated it added to his loneliness, which he expressed during one of his interviews.

When Barry Bonds shared about feeling lonely


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Barry Bonds had an astonishing start to his MLB career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was a star on the team and helped the team win many games. But even after all this, he lacked support and acknowledgment from his teammates. This added to his loneliness, which was frustrating for Bonds. On page 95 of the book, Love Me, Hate Me, Barry Bonds, And The Making Of An Antihero, Author Jeff Pearlman shares a glimpse of the same.


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It shows Bonds explaining his case to Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald: “Come sit at my locker and have nobody to talk to. See how it makes you feel. It ain’t that nice. Nobody comes around to talk to me. Stay here long enough, and you’ll see it. Every day, it’s lonely.”

The entire incident was against the wish of Bonds. He felt lonely amidst the bunch of stars and could not get over it. And it might be one of the reasons which prompted Bonds to look for a change even after all the success after his contract ended with the Pirates.

Bonds’ 1993 Giants move against the MLB World’s will


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Barry Bonds was a player who shined in every game at the Pittsburgh. Whenever available, he started the game. For this reason, they wanted him to continue, but Bonds chose another part.

“I’ve Been in This League Too Long” – Barry Bonds Once Stood Up With an Apt Response to “Pu*k-A*s” Teammate’s “Fu*k Off”

He joined the San Francisco Giants in a shock move to become one of their own for the rest of his MLB career. He had many conflicts there too, but Bonds was never left out alone to fight his loneliness. This possibly proved his decision to leave the Pirates to have been the right one.


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