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“Doing Boones Job…”: Despite Not Playing, $34M Star Faces Ejection as Umpire’s Call Divides Fans

Published 09/08/2023, 8:01 AM EDT

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The Yankees this season have attracted mixed reactions for their performance on the diamond. This time, the same emotion bleeds out of the diamond. A conflicted decision sparked some serious arguments causing a disruption to the Thursday’s game against Detroit Tigers.

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Two days after he was declared out for the season owing to his recovery from post concussion syndrome, the $34 million seasoned player stood up against a supposedly incorrect call. An action that could have gone either ways, went against him as he temporarily wore the Yankees manager hat.

Anthony Rizzo’s Intentions Did Not Do Him Good


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Towards the end of the third inning in the Bronx, against the Tigers, Jasson Domínguez’s strike three was called out, on a borderline pitch. This call confused the 20-Year-Old, since he had not drawn a walk on a full-count changeup. Despite that the Yankees’ defense got ready, it started a tiff between the home plate umpire Alan Porter and the first baseman Anthony Rizzo from the dugout.

The argument escalated faster than expected, as a result Rizzo was kicked out of Thursday’s game. At the start of the 4th inning, Porter pointed at Rizzo and ejected him.


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In addition to personally questioning Porter’s call, Aaron Boone said “I think Alan just looked down into the dugout and saw Rizzo there and wasn’t going to stand for it. It wasn’t overly confrontational.’’

On Tuesday, Yankees manager Boone made the announcement that Rizzo, who has been on the IL since August 3rd, will not be making a comeback for the remainder of the 2023 season. And the recent ejection from the bench started a flurry of opinions from the fans.

Here’s What The Fans Reacted To The Drama

One cannot underestimate the Yankees fans. A variety of debatable perspectives ensuing this incident flooded Twitter. With Rizzo’s reaction from the home dugout, some took his side while some called him annoying. This also set out some critical comments about the umpire. Amidst a whole lot of chaos, some expressed a liking toward Rizzo after his fight.

Some booed at Rizzo, in fact the Yankees as a whole stating that they have poor sportsmanship a comment said, “ team disgusts me”.

There were also few in the lot who appreciated Rizzo for wearing the manager hat “doing Boones job”, taking a slight dig at Aaron Boone the current Yankees manager.

Fans even made references to Rizzo’s “concussion”.

Fans could not stop talking about the Umpires and their “biggest egos” after Porter ejected Rizzo for arguing with him.


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While the fans went bonkers over this supposed wrong call, the friction also affected the Yankees’ game. They went on to lose the game against the Tigers 10-3, being their first loss this month.

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