Everything You Need to Know About Jeanette Boras, Wife of the Most Powerful Sports Agent in the World – Scott Boras

Published 01/01/2024, 1:21 PM EST

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The most dreaded MLB agent in the world is pretty cool and kind behind the scenes, as is his family. As much as is known about the epic Scott Boras saga of bringing about lucrative deals, the family’s matriarch remains a mystery.

Naturally, it brings forth a sense of curiosity to know more about Jeanette Boras—the better half of the greatest sports emissary this country has ever seen. Is she a force of nature, a pillar of support behind Boras’s larger-than-life endeavors?

Who is Jeanette Boras: Birth, Ethnicity, and more


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South California dweller Jeanette Boras has an affinity for keeping their family life under the thick veil of anonymity. It leaves only a sliver of a chance to know more about her ethnicity, family, and educational background, or details of when and where she was born.


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From what has been revealed to the media so far, she is known to practice Christianity and has a net worth of half a million, other than her husband’s net worth of $450 million. Mrs. Boras came to the limelight only after getting married to her long-term beau of 38 years, Scott Boras. Seemingly, the couple crossed paths in a chance encounter.

Love at First Sight: The timeline of her relationship with Scott Boras

The fated meeting reportedly happened back in 1982. Scott Boras was traveling for business and had to make a stop at the John Wayne airport when he came across Jeanette. Lo and behold! As fairytales happen, it was love at first sight for baseball’s most macho man.

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The journey the couple embarked on from that day onward paved the way for a beautiful future together once Scott was able to woo her. As assertive as Scott Boras is about the business surrounding the diamond, he makes sure not to approach his personal life in a similar manner. The New Yorker says that he had a pretty hard time trying to get Jeanette to date him.

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Mrs. Boras reportedly rebuffed his requests through the first six months he spent trying to negotiate a first date with her. But as the MLB world knows of Boras’ tenacity, she finally caved in. After dating for three years, the lovers finally tied the knot in 1985.

Three decades of togetherness: From marriage to Parenthood

Scott Boras was at the beginning of creating The Boras Corp. legacy when he married Jeanette on June 29th, 1985. Over the course of their beautiful relationship, the couple welcomed three children into their lives.

Their eldest, Shane Boras, is an MLBPA-certified agent himself and works for The Boras Corporation at present. He also has experience in investing and venture capitalism. He chose that career with a similar past of playing college baseball like Boras Sr. Shane used to play second baseman at the Junipero Serra Catholic High School of California, according to The LA Times.

The four-year varsity letter winner majored in public policy and development while studying at the University of Southern California, where he used to play for the USC Trojan team. Shane got his first draft pick back in 2008 when the St. Louis Cardinals chose him in the 35th round that season. Shane got married to his wife, Sarita Aburdene, on May 28, 2022, in the city of Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Sur.

Scott Boras and Jeanette’s middle child, Natalie, studied at the University of Arizona along with USC. In an Arizona Daily Wildcat interview, she stated that her reason for choosing to study so far from home is because she fell in love with the campus when Scott first took her to visit it. The psychology major and Yankees fan who swears by Alex Rodriguez is reportedly in the modeling industry at present and is married to Luke Morris. If the posts on her Instagram page are proof, the couple, along with their two little ones, have made a pretty beautiful life together!



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The youngest of the lot, Trent Boras, was born on May 26, 1992. He followed his father’s and brother’s footsteps on the diamond when the Milwaukee Brewers drafted him in 2011. He used to play as a third baseman for JSerra before joining USC like his brother, where he played on the same Trojan team. According to his college bio, Trent has pursued business majors and has an affinity for beaches and classic cars. As of this moment, the youngster is taking a legal approach to his studies after enrolling in Loyola Law School to earn a Juris Doctorate. According to his Facebook details, Trent is currently engaged to Haleigh Cummings.

It looks like Mama and Papa Boras made quite a winsome team of children in their 38 years of togetherness—ones whom they are proud to call their own! However, the details of the moments spent by the family behind the baseball scene aren’t much known because their kids have taken a similar approach to anonymity as their mother. What could possibly have been the reason behind that decision of the family?


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Life Beyond Limelight: The reason behind her absence from media attention, unlike Scott Boras

Jeanette and Scott Boras love to spend some quality time together every morning, as reported by The New Yorker. The reason for the privacy that doesn’t let the public know much about the couple beyond that nugget of fact might be rooted in the superagent’s intention to protect his family at all costs.

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Considering the massive flurry of mixed emotions he receives from his career on the daily, it was quite a reasonable choice to make. Jeanette and the kids do not seem to mind the absence of publicity in their personal lives at all!

The love story of the much revered and intimidating Scott Dean Boras and his wife Jeanette is powerful enough to spread a similar wave of respect and admiration for his fans to look up to!


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