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Free Alcohol Once Got the Better of “Arrogant” and “Controversial” Giants Legend Barry Bonds

Published 07/23/2023, 7:52 AM EDT

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Unlike others, some people tend to have very distinct personality. Though it is rare, it puts them in conflict with others. Similar was the case with the SF Giants star Barry Bonds. Though a gem of a baseball player, Bonds was a different person off the field. His nature always put him at loggerheads with his teammates, managers, and sometimes even friends.

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A similar situation occurred when Bonds was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was the initial years of his career when his behavior around veteran Don Robinson created a disliking for him. The book Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds focuses on this incident in detail, giving another episode of controversy around Barry Bonds.

A Rapid Barry Bonds Answer and Displeased Veteran

During his playing days, Barry Bonds was a center of controversies and conflicts. Much of it was because of his treatment of other people with ego and self-centeredness. A similar situation happened when Bonds was playing for the Pirates and was part of a team outing at the request of veteran Don Robinson. Everything was good until Bonds’s response put him at an arm’s distance.

On page 77, the author wrote, “While still in Atlanta, Pirates pitcher Don Robinson, a respected veteran and team leader, treated Barry and a couple of teammates to drinks. Robinson had planned on paying for everything until he heard the bartender ask Barry why he was drinking for free.”

“I Was…” – Giants Legend Barry Bonds Once Gave Honest Insight Into How a Baseball Career Added to Strained Relationship With MLB Great Dad

The answer, “Because I’m Barry Bonds,” angered Robinson, who thought it to be very unkind of Bonds. It made him act differently than he would have liked to. The book explains his reaction and writes, “I cut him off right there. It was way too disrespectful, too arrogant, for a newcomer to say.”

It was another episode of conflicts for the MLB star, but not the first one. Later, during his time with the Giants, Bonds collided with his manager Dusty Baker.

When Bonds Came in Friction, His Manager

It was the year 2000. Bonds was not a newcomer anymore, but an established star. After a significant year, he was in line for winning an MVP award. But an opinion from his manager Dusty Baker made him angry. Bonds thought himself to be the best on the team and when Baker supported his rival, he showed his displeasure. It was another case where Bonds’ ego put him on the opposite side of the world.

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