In a move met with both cheers and jeers from baseball fans worldwide, the City of Angels has officially declared May 17th asShohei Ohtani Day.” The Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to honor their two-way phenom with this unprecedented accolade has ignited a firestorm of debate across social media and sports forums. While some applaud the recognition of the Unicorn’s historic achievements, others are crying foul, accusing the Dodgers of excessive self-promotion and “insane glazing” of their superstar.

Made on Friday at Los Angeles City Hall, the announcement saw Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts and front office members present as Ohtani was recognized for his athletic achievements and “historic impact as an Angeleno of Japanese descent.” The Unicorn, ever the humble superstar, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you very much to the L.A. City Council. I appreciate you recognizing me on this day. I want to thank the Dodger organization as well and all the fans.”

Ohtani’s on-field performance did not disappoint on his inaugural namesake day. After blasting a two-run homer against the Cincinnati Reds, he added another feather to his already illustrious cap. “He didn’t homer on his bobblehead day, so he was due to homer on some significant Ohtani day,” quipped Roberts. “We’ll take the home run on Shohei Ohtani Day.”


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Dodgers President and CEO, Stan Kasten, also chimed in with praise for Shotime, stating, “Since becoming a member of the Dodger family in December, Shohei has been everything we’ve hoped for and more. We are grateful for his accomplishments on the field, his warmth in the clubhouse, and his character in all respects, and we congratulate him on this well-deserved honor.” However, not everyone is buying into the hype.

A vocal segment of fans has accused the Blue Crew of over-the-top fanfare, calling it “this is insane glazing😭😭”—a term coined to describe the team’s perceived excessive promotion of Shohei Ohtani. These critics argue that while Ohtani’s achievements are undeniable, dedicating a day to him so early in his Dodgers tenure is premature and smacks of arrogance.

The debate rages on, with fans passionately defending or denouncing the Blue Crews’ decision. And so far, it looks like “Ohtani Day” has sparked a conversation far beyond the confines of Dodger Stadium. As fans continue to weigh in on this historic announcement, the question remains: Is this a fitting tribute to a generational talent or an example of “insane glazing” gone too far?

A day too soon? Critical voices question the Shohei Ohtani tribute

The fan reactions to the news have been as diverse and entertaining as the player himself. While many supporters celebrate the two-way phenom’s achievements, others have taken a more satirical approach. One fan quipped, “This is top 5 glazing moments in history,” highlighting the perceived extravagance of the tribute. Another fan pointed out the irony, saying, “He has played 47 games as a DH with LA and the city has given him a day. Pretty ridiculous,” questioning the timing of the honor.


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The humorous remarks didn’t stop there. Some fans have even suggested renaming home runs “Ohtanis” in honor of the slugger, showcasing the playful nature of the discourse surrounding the event. A fan from Anaheim cheekily reminded everyone, “Y’all act like he wasn’t 20 minutes away the last 6 years 😭😭😭😭,” referencing Ohtani’s previous tenure with the Los Angeles Angels.

The hyperbole reached its peak with one fan jokingly predicting, “Krispy Kreme gonna start selling bagels due to a glaze shortage,” illustrating the extent to which the term “glazing” has captured the fan imagination. However, not all fan reactions have been lighthearted.


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Some have expressed genuine concern over the perceived excessive praise, questioning what Ohtani has done to deserve such recognition so early in his Dodgers career. One fan went as far as to ask, “What good has he done for the city to deserve a day??? Like seriously has he brought a championship??? Any organizations helping the homelessless or children in need??? Theres something in the water in LA im tellin ya,” highlighting a more critical perspective on the matter.

Whether seen as a fitting tribute or an overblown display, “Shohei Ohtani Day” has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the baseball world. It serves as a testament to Shotime’s extraordinary talent and the fervent devotion he inspires in his fans. As the debate continues to swirl around this historic event, one thing is clear: the Unicorn is a force to be reckoned with—both on and off the field.