When the news of the former New York Yankee Jordan Montgomery signing broke, all hell broke loose among the Yankees fans. Now, there are two aspects to this story. First off, the Arizona Diamondbacks signing Monty came as a surprise to most of MLB. Second, after rumors of the Yankees having the southpaw “privately assessed” and sparks of mutual interest, the Yankees faithful were hopeful for a reunion. But that didn’t happen. 

With the $25 million flamethrowing lefty moving to Arizona for a year, fans can’t help but wonder what could have been in the Bronx. New York is in a situation where they have to opt for less expensive options thanks to the ghost of luxury taxes that is looming large over their heads. But fans need an explanation for “why Snell or Monty weren’t added for these cheap short deals”.

Jordan Montgomery Finds Home in Arizona After the Scott Boras Free Agency Frenzy


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Monty stayed available on the free agency market after Michael Lorenzen signed a contract with the Texas Rangers and Blake Snell signed with the San Francisco Giants. The top-tier ace has now at last located his next residence. Subject to a physical examination, Montgomery is ready to move to Arizona. His one-year contract has a $25 million cash value this year and a player option that vests in 2025. 

Montgomery was one among the ‘Boras Four’ who created plenty of buzz during their free agency. As fans keenly eyed these, with Matt Chapman, Cody Bellinger, and Snell off of the market, all the gaze shifted to Monty. More so for the New York Yankees fans who were hoping to see the pitcher in pinstripes. 

Remember when Yanks selected Montgomery in 2014 in the fourth round of the amateur draft? Well, that ended differently when he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in 2022. Now, after hearing about Montgomery’s deal with Arizona, the Yankees faithful feel remorse that the club should never have parted ways with their pitcher to begin with.

New York Yankees Fans’ Fury

They were quick to take to social media and share their opinions about the Yankees’ inactivity in the Montgomery-saga. While from the point of view of the team, there is a threat of overspending, fans want to know why priorities are not being set right. Will the team let go of their prized possession Juan Soto too next year? 

Fans demand answers from Hal Steinbrenner!

Another satirical perspective came in questioning how the Yankees fans feel “all the good players have to play on your team”. 

Predictions of what the Yankees rotation could have looked like emerged.

Another fan went on a rant explaining why the onus of unpredictability in 2024 for the Yanks falls fully on Hal Steinbrenner. 

One among others raised a concern about what might happen with Juan Soto next year – “Hal doesn’t care.”


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On one hand the fans want the club to win no matter what. On the other, the team needs to make extremely calculated decisions to ensure that they don’t overspend. 


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But are Yankees management really penny-pinching? What do you think?