Excitement is rippling through the New York Mets’ fan base as ace Kodai Senga achieves a major milestone on his road to recovery. Early reports indicate that Senga finally resumed throwing, taking a vital step towards rejoining the starting rotation. It’s a cause for celebration but also a reminder of the delicate balance between cautious optimism and managing expectations about this star pitcher’s return.

The initial diagnosis of a moderate right posterior capsule strain raised concerns about a lengthy absence, and early delays only heightened the anticipation. Yet Senga’s unwavering determination and the Queens’ meticulous care seem to have paid off. The right-hander’s throwing session today at Citi Field signifies the potential for a quicker comeback than initially feared.

“Inflammation is gone,” manager Carlos Mendoza affirmed last week to SNY TV. “And now it’s up to our internal testing, making sure he passes all the power tests, the shoulder strength, and things like that before he starts a throwing program, which should happen within the next week.”


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Kodai Senga’s progress brings a wave of relief, offering a much-needed glimmer of hope after a rocky spring training period for the Metsies. Still, it’s imperative to remember that he’s on a calculated recovery plan, and even with positive signs, a full return to form takes time. “I do expect him to make a bunch of starts for us this year,” President of Baseball Operations David Stearns emphasizes. 

“This is not a surgical-type problem. This is something with rest and treatment—potentially an injection—that can move this forward.” Senga’s path to a full comeback is likely to be gradual. After this initial throwing program, careful monitoring and a steady increase in workload will be key. The Mets will undoubtedly be cautious, aiming for a sustained return, not a rushed one that could risk further setbacks. However, this measured approach ensures Senga can unleash his full arsenal of pitches once he is healthy. 

Kodai Senga’s Wicked Pitching Arsenal

Senga’s success stems from more than just an electrifying forkball. His arsenal features a mix of pitches that keep hitters guessing and off-balance:

The Ghost Fork: Senga’s signature pitch, the “Ghost Fork,” is a split-fingered fastball that drops wickedly just before reaching the plate.

The Four-Seam Fastball: His four-seam fastball is a staple, clocking in the mid-to-upper 90s with explosive movement. Several market reports note Senga’s natural ability to generate movement and velocity on this pitch.

The Slider: Kodai Senga utilizes a sharp-breaking slider to keep hitters off-balance. This pitch complements his fastball, giving him another tool to generate strikeouts and disrupt hitters’ timing.


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The Cutter: A less frequently used pitch, Senga’s cutter offers a slight variation in horizontal movement compared to his slider. Data from 2021 in Japan indicates this may have been a secondary pitch in his repertoire, with an average exit velo of 141.6.

Command and Deception: More than just raw power, Senga’s effectiveness lies in his command and ability to deceive hitters. He moves around quite well; he’s athletic. His belief that “it’s very important to mix in the pitches evenly” further emphasizes the ace’s intention of giving it all on the mound when he finally arrives.

Senga’s unwavering work ethic and desire to improve add another dimension to his outlook. “I have a lot of things to improve on,” he admits. “Maybe one of these years if I throw out some numbers that you’ve never seen before, then finally maybe I can think, OK, I’m a good pitcher. But until then, I’m just a guy with a good forkball.” This self-awareness suggests Senga’s journey to refine his arsenal is far from over.


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As Kodai Senga continues his recovery, the anticipation builds around witnessing his full arsenal back in action. His unique combination of power, movement, and deception makes him a true force on the mound—one that the New York Mets and their fans eagerly await seeing unleashed again.

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