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“Leave Me the F*ck Alone” – Legend Barry Bonds Once Unexpectedly Insulted Respected Dusty Baker

Published 08/05/2023, 10:41 AM EDT

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In the MLB history, possibly Barry Bonds is the most animated character who dominated the proceedings on the field. He scored runs freely, claimed victories, and won awards in his astonishing baseball career. It put him at the center of attraction and brought conflicts and controversies into the picture. And much of it was his disagreements with people around him, including his teammates and coaches. A similar situation happened when Bonds was playing for the Giants under the mentorship of legendary Dusty Baker.

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Bonds never held himself back while sharing his thoughts, irrespective of the personality in front. Which gave birth to different conflicts. The book, Love Me, Hate Me, Barry Bonds And The Making Of An Antihero talks about one such story, involving Dusty Baker.

When Barry Bonds Asked for an Answer From Mentor Dusty Baker


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Every athlete dreams of being successful in their career. The same was the story of Barry Bonds, who won it all and was admired by many. But with success comes fame and scrutiny. And it sometimes increases to the height where someone loses control over it. It then affects daily life, and Bonds one went through the same. This unlikeable situation frustrated him, who, to find a solution, barged into his manager’s office.

On page 93, the author Jeff Pearlman addressed this incident. It read, “Years later, when Barry was playing for the Giants, he once stormed into manager Dusty Baker’s office dressed head to toe in a black leather outfit and motorcycle helmet.”


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After Bonds disliked public interference in his life, on his visit, he asked, “When are people gonna leave me the f*ck alone? Look at this. I’m dressed so nobody could recognize me with my visor down, but people still approach me and ask for sh*t. Why can’t a person live a private life?” 

Bonds’ anger was with the public, and he needed help. Baker, who adored Bonds for his talent, comforted him with a message. He said, “Sorry, dude, but you can’t have it both ways.” The message was simple, from Baker to Bonds, who later understood it. But this same was not the story when he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.


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Angry Bonds’ Message to the Media

Barry Bonds was not the one who liked the media beyond the limit. Bonds wanted to be part of the media attention until he desired. The same happened when he played for the Pirates and won a game. Like any other day, the media was there to take notes from the ‘Hero’ Bonds.

“As His Skills Erode..” – Years Before Hall of Fame Snub, Barry Bonds’ Legacy Received an Unfortunate Prediction


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But he was unhappy and had a message for the press to not bother him during his suppertime. But it did not stop, and the scrutiny continues to follow him until now.

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