With Yoshinobu Yamamoto as Top Priority, Mets Make First Big Splash in Pitching Market – Win or Loss?

Published 11/29/2023, 9:02 PM EST

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Since the start of the off-season, MLB teams have been working hard for the future. It includes the top spenders of 2023, the New York Mets, who paid around $350 million in pay to its players. But, it did not help them, as they struggled and finished the season with a fourth position in their division. It brought a thought that the Mets may change their approach for the next season. However, that’s not the case.

Notably, the NL East side is looking to spend even more this season with prime Yoshinobu Yamamoto under their radar, expected to cost them more than $200 million. This is why it is expected they lower the spending. However, this does not seem to be the case. The Mets have again splashed their signing with an ace pitcher. But is this move good or not?

New York Mets Brings in Luis Severino Amidst Their Rush for Yoshinobu Yamamoto


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Since the start of the off-season, a few names have echoed including Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Multiple teams are chasing him, including the Mets, who have made him a top priority. Thus, it demands that they do not lose focus. However, the Queens-based side is working multidimensionally and has signed another pitcher to add to their rotation.

According to journalist Jeff Passan, Luis Severino has joined the Mets on a year deal worth $13 million. With this, they have got another pitcher to benefit from in the future. However, already eyeing Yamamoto for the future, does this move make sense?

Are the Mets Making the Same Mistake Again?

There is no shortage of funds for the Mets; their signings suggest the same. However, it does not guarantee success, as witnessed by all in 2023. The Mets signed two free agents, Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, on big paychecks but had to release them in the mid-season. It was a failed move, but the Mets are not understanding it. They have signed an injury-prone pitcher for a big sum, even after focusing on Yamamoto, bringing questions to their choice.


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However, it seems there is a well-thought-out plan behind this. Though Severino has been inconsistent lately, his record has been great overall. Having pitched for eight seasons in New York, the RHP has performed well with 788 strikeouts at an ERA of 3.79. He also knows the demand from fans and becomes an instant fit. Moreover, his experience is also a big plus for the team.

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He may not be at the mound regularly, but can help the team through his guidance. Given that Yamamoto sweepstakes has not reached a decision, the Mets may lose him to another team. In that case, Severino would come in handy. Even if the Japanese star joins them, the former Yankee can help him fit into the league well.
All this adds to the positives, which makes the deal a win for the Mets, who need experience on the squad. What is your understanding of this? Please share it in the comments below.

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