Meet Dr. McKenzie Dirr, Wife of 2023 World Series Champion Jordan Montgomery

Published 01/08/2024, 12:32 PM EST

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Under the confetti rain and roars of Globe Life Stadium, the world watched Jordan Montgomery hoist the Texas Rangers’ World Series trophy, a triumphant smile etched on his face. In the stands, amidst the throngs of ecstatic fans, stood a woman whose joy resonated even deeper. Dr. McKenzie Dirr, Montgomery’s wife, had her eyes glittering with tears and pride. Yet, beyond the shared elation amongst the fans, intrigue lingered around this enigmatic figure. Who was the woman who captured the heart of the MLB hero?

One only had to glimpse at the unspoken connection in their eyes, the quiet strength in her gaze, to know there was more to Dirr than meets the eye. Her story, a hidden narrative woven into the fabric of victory, waits to be unraveled. So here is an attempt to peel back the layers and delve into the mystery of McKenzie Dirr, the woman who stands beside the champion, her own secrets waiting to be discovered.

Who is McKenzie Dirr? Know more about her ethnicity, religion, and more


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McKenzie Dirr embodies strength and compassion in equal measure. Born in Kentucky on October 14, 1994, to parents Mary and Mark Dirr, the 29-year-old American has a sister named Megan Gabriel and twin brothers whose names have not been revealed to the media. Driven by a childhood desire to heal and inspired by an ER physician, McKenzie navigated the demanding path toward becoming a doctor. Her faith, instilled by her large Catholic family, provided the bedrock for her values of hard work and helping others. But Dirr isn’t all textbooks and scalpels.

Ballet embraced the woman late but fiercely, helping her hone her resilience and instilling a never-give-up attitude that mirrors the intensity of medical school. This tenacity, along with her kindness and faith, ultimately attracted another force of determination in the form of 6-foot-6 pitcher Jordan Montgomery.


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Their long-distance love story, fueled by stolen moments and unyielding support, blossomed into marriage in December 2022. As Montgomery embarks on the next chapter of his journey in this free agency market, Dirr prepares for the next chapter of her general residency, with her path to dermatology steadily approaching.

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With every stitch and every inning pitched, the couple weaves a tapestry of love and achievement, where hard work, sacrifice, and faith bind them together. McKenzie Dirr, the woman who danced through medical school and into the heart of a champion, is on the verge of realizing her long-cherished dream, ready to heal and impact lives, one scalpel stroke at a time. But that’s just one part of her story. What lay beyond medical school?

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As a child, McKenzie found solace in taking care of her stuffed animals’ boo-boos, a hint of the future doctor she would become. But her journey towards the same wasn’t a straight line. It was a winding path paved with late-night study sessions and a whole lot of heart.

Shadowing ER physician Peter Latino of the University of Louisville Hospital solidified her calling. Witnessing his empathy and compassion in the face of night shift chaos ignited a fire within her. That fire burned brightly through college, fueling her determination to get into medical school.

Harvard, the pinnacle of academia, awaited the doctor-to-be. The pressure was immense, but Dirr faced it head-on, fueled by her faith and the unwavering support of her family. Her days were filled with lectures, labs, and endless studying. Her nights were illuminated by textbooks and the warm glow of bedside lamps. “My parents always said, ‘We are here to give back,’” she revealed once to the Medical University of Southern Carolina publication. “So it’s just always been something I’ve lived by—kind of like second nature.”

Now, on the cusp of a dermatology specialization, McKenzie stands at the threshold of a new chapter. Her current resume portrays the journey of a general resident physician in Brooklyn Avenue, MA—a golden opportunity to put her knowledge and skills to the test. But beyond the white coat and stethoscope, McKenzie carries the lessons learned: the empathy of the ER physician, the resilience of the ballerina, and the unwavering faith that guided her every step of the way.

As she embarks on this new journey, one thing is certain: McKenzie Dirr is a doctor to watch. Her story, a testament to dedication, passion, and a whole lot of heart is just beginning. Through it all, McKenzie found solace in her long-distance relationship with Jordan Montgomery, the legendary MLB ace. Their bond, one forged in kindness and shared values that provide her with a much-needed escape from the pressures of a medical career, demands deeper introspection.

How long has she been married to Jordan Montgomery: A look into their relationship timeline

McKenzie Dirr and Jordan Montgomery met in late 2017, soon after Jordan’s first season with the New York Yankees. Introduced by a mutual friend, they hit it off right away. McKenzie was drawn to Jordan’s kindness, easy smile, and laid-back attitude. Despite their different worlds—McKenzie, a medical student, and Jordan, a professional baseball player—they found a connection in their shared values of hard work, sacrifice, and faith.

“I think immediately I was like, He’s special. He’s sweet. He’s God-fearing, and he gives back to the community,” she told Over The Moon. “I mean, who wouldn’t be head over heels for that?”


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Their relationship blossomed quickly, even though they were often apart due to their demanding careers. McKenzie would fly up to visit Jordan whenever she had a free moment, and he was always there for her during the chaotic medical school life. He used to bring her dinner to the library during late-night study sessions, and he was her rock of support through all the stress.

In September, 2021, Jordan proposed to McKenzie in a heartwarming gesture. The ace brought her a key to the Lotus Garden after a game and did the whole getting down on one knee shebang. They celebrated their engagement with loved ones at the Bowery Meat Company steakhouse in New York. A year later, in December 2022, McKenzie and Jordan tied the knot in Kentucky. Surrounded by their families and friends, the couple vowed to spend their lives together. The newlyweds visited Bora Bora to celebrate their honeymoon a short while after the wedding ceremony took place.

As McKenzie embarks on the journey of her residency and Jordan prepares for free agency, one thing is certain: their bond is unbreakable. They are an inspiration to couples everywhere, showing that true love can conquer anything, even the demands of two very different careers—demands that McKenzie has never fallen short of being supportive of.

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When Montgomery’s trade deadline loomed back in 2022, a dark cloud cast a shadow over the joyous Yankee Stadium engagement shoot that McKenzie Dirr had just shared on Instagram. Her heart sang with the memory of Gumby’s pitch-perfect proposal on the field, the diamond glinting in the stadium lights. Yet, the possibility of uprooted plans whispered a certain unease.

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“McKenzie and I will never forget the people and memories we have met and made along the way. On that note, God is good! We are excited to join the St. Louis Cardinals and are so thankful for the new adventure ahead.” Monty wrote a farewell message addressing his Yankees fanbase, an ode to the team he initiated his major league career with.

His wife, McKenzie, knew one thing for certain: no matter where baseball’s whims took them, her unwavering support for Jordan would remain a constant. They had weathered four years of long-distance dating, fueled by stolen weekends and late-night phone calls that spanned medical school textbooks and baseball statistics. She had been his rock through trades and slumps, her quiet strength calming the storm of his competitive spirit.

Now, after embarking on their journey as husband and wife, McKenzie’s support has evolved. She became his loudest cheerleader, her infectious energy electrifying the stadium stands as she cheered him on. While Jordan battled on the mound, she fought her own battles in the lab, her dedication to dermatology mirroring his focus on crafting the perfect fastball. Their paths, though seemingly disparate, were woven together by an invisible thread of mutual respect and shared dreams.


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Their December wedding wasn’t just a celebration of their love; it was a testament to the power of two resilient souls choosing each other through the chaos. The vows they exchanged weren’t mere words; they were a promise of unwavering support, a silent pact to navigate life’s curveballs together.

The curveballs kept coming. Another trade, another city, another stadium. But even amidst the whirlwind, McKenzie remains Jordan’s anchor. She finds joy in setting up cozy apartments, her medical textbooks stacked next to his baseball trophies. She laughs alongside him in defeat and celebrates his victories with a quiet pride that mirrors her own accomplishments in the world of medicine.

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Their story isn’t one of grand gestures or fairytale romance. It is a daily testament to the quiet strength of being there, of holding space for each other’s passions, of celebrating each other’s victories, and of cushioning each other’s falls. It is a story built not on fireworks but on the soft, brilliant glow of a love that thrives in the everyday moments, in the shared silence of a hotel room in a new city, in the unspoken trust of knowing that no matter where baseball takes them, they will always have each other’s backs.

As Jordan gets ready to take the mound in yet another unfamiliar stadium, McKenzie’s cheers echo in his heart, a constant reminder that true love isn’t about the game but about the home they built together, brick by brick, pitch by pitch, one unswerving act of support at a time.


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