Baseball’s biggest stars come together in Arlington, Texas. Mind you, this is not just for the All-Star Game, but also for the MLB Draft. This is a pivotal event that introduces fresh talent into the sport. As anxious as young players can be, they stand on the launch pad of their professional journey. But this is not all about players. 

Teams that are struggling or even interested, get a leeway into the lottery system. On one hand, the playoff contenders are rewarded for their success. On the other, the remaining selections are based on records of the regular season.  

When will be the MLB Draft? All details revealed


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Baseball fans, mark your calendars for July! The MLB Draft comes to the forefront as an event that infuses the sport with fresh talent. This event apart from being really nuanced is also a strategic mix of need and availability of talent. 

MLB Draft can be seen from two lenses. One from that which creates a fascinating symphony between meritocracy and rebuilding opportunities. Two, it gives the baseball fans a double dose of excitement. This year, it’s time to welcome the onset of the MLB Draft unveiling the future heroes of the game. And that brings us to the most awaited lists. 

Top five offensive players in the circuit: An overview

Major League Baseball shines as offensive stars display explosive performances. Granted that established sluggers like Ronald Acuña Jr. and Aaron Judge mesmerize fans today. But one might want to look at what the 2024 MLB Draft offers a glimpse into the future.

1. Nick Kurtz (1B, Wake Forest) – This name is projected as the number-one pick by the Cleveland Guardians. Kurtz flaunts a key skill – the most usable power in the draft class. This power-hitting first baseman might offer an offensive weapon to the Guardians that could propel them to newer heights.

2. Jac Caglianone (1B/LHP, Florida) –  This interesting prospect presents a unique package. He is a power-hitting first baseman with a potent left arm that the Oakland Athletics have. Him being the fourth pick, he could snag a potential cornerstone for their lineup while also adding pitching depth.

3. Charlie Condon (OF/1B, Georgia) – Codon stands out owing to his comparisons with the legendary Matt Holliday. Condon poses as an intriguing potential for the Colorado Rockies. His prowess to hit for both average and power could be a boon for the Coors Field faithful. Picture this : towering home runs leaving fans in awe and opposing pitchers shaking their heads in disappointment.

4. JJ Wetherholt (SS/2B, West Virginia) – Following closely behind him is Wetherholt at number two with the Cincinnati Reds. Known for his quality of beig the draft’s best pure hitter, his versatility as an infielder value to his offensive skills. If you could picture a smooth-fielding shortstop with a knack for consistently putting the ball in play, it is JJ Wetherhold.

5. Travis Bazzana (2B, Oregon State):  By selecting Bazzana, the Chicago White Sox could solidify their middle infield of the future with the fifth pick. Not only is he a polished hitter but also someone who has a knack for getting on base. Bazzana would present himself as a formidable double-play combination alongside Colson Montgomery.

Who are the top five pitchers? Know them all

Granted that the 2024 MLB Draft celebrates an abundance of offensive talent, the pitching side holds its own intrigue.

1.  Chase Burns, RHP – This flamethrowing right-hander boasts a fastball that can reach triple digits often. He complements his heat with a sharp slider and a creating changeup, offering a versatile arsenal that perplexes hitters. Sometimes his control can be inconsistent but his electric pitching ability has scouts drooling over his capability.

2. Brody Brecht, RHP –  Here comes another right-handed flamethrower, who relies on a potent fastball that consistently records the mid-90s. Apart from pairing his heater with a curveball with exceptional bite, he is also good with a developing changeup. Given his competitive spirit Brecht could be a quick mover through the minor leagues.

3. Hagen Smith, LHP –  This southpaw gives an entirely different perspective to the mound. Not only does he feature a deceptive delivery but also a repertoire that is built around a pinpoint fastball. He does not hesitate to mixe in a sharp slider to keep hitters off balance. With that, he becomes a polished and well-rounded starting pitching prospect.

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4. Josh Hartle, LHP –  Hartle might not overpower hitters with his fastball velocity, but itis his control and command that make him a top-notch option. He throws strikes with his entire arsenal, including a well-located fastball, a deceptive changeup and a sharp curveball. His ability to locate and mix pitches makes frustrates hitters.

5. Jonathan Santucci, LHP –  Santucci is another crafty lefty. He relies on a deceptive delivery and a well-rounded arsenal. Though his fastball sits in the low-to-mid 90s, his ability to locate and change speeds make him an effective option. He is known to generate weak contact among hitters.

With theses names it becomes an interesting subject to dive deeper into which team can actually benefit from them. 

Which team can benefit from it? The prediction 

Cleveland Guardians (Pick #1) – Nick Kurtz, 1B, Wake Forest – The Guardians need power hitting, and Kurtz could be the perfect fit in the draft class. This slugging first baseman could be the missing piece in their lineup. 

Cincinnati Reds (Pick #2) – Jac Caglianone, 1B/LHP, Florida – The Reds have an embarrassingly high number of infielders, but their power numbers have been lacking. Caglianone comes as a unique solution. He can power-hit and also contribute on the mound with his left arm. This versatility could go a long way with the Reds.

St. Louis Cardinals (Pick #6) – Brody Brecht, RHP, Iowa – The Cardinals are in need of pitching depth. It is Brecht’s fiery fastball and well-rounded arsenal that make him a quick mover through the minors. 


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Pittsburgh Pirates (Pick #7) – Hagen Smith, LHP, Arkansas – One team that is currently going through the rebuilding process, it’s the Pirates. Here, Smith’s polished repertoire and deceptive delivery could make him a future ace.

Washington Nationals (Pick #8) – Josh Hartle, LHP, Wake Forest – Next up are the Nationals who lack pitching depth. Here, Hartle’s control and command could make him a reliable ace. Known to frustrate hitters he could be great keeping his pitch count low.


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With that, the 2024 MLB Draft promises a thrilling spectacle. A symphony of teams strategically selecting top talent and fitting them into their need buckets. In July, the stage is set for some perfect fits. Who knows, some might even potentially alter the landscape of Major League Baseball for the years to come.