Baseball fans, rejoice! The 2024 MLB season is almost here. Looking at the underway games, one can’t help but notice what a fresh wave of excitement and competition this season is bringing. Are you the one who considers the Seoul Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres the kick-off? Or are you the believer of the traditional Opening Day on American soil on March 28th as the kick-off? Either way, the stage is set for a thrilling season with 30 teams in action. Brace yourself! 

2024 seem to promise more than just the usual battles for divisional supremacy and the Commissioner Trophy. Transcending the familiarity of big names and teams, some truly intriguing storylines are emerging. You can expect to see young stars ready for breakouts, ages-long rivals reigniting classic contentions, and some mind-blowing predictions that could shake up the standings. Ready for a season that promises to be an unforgettable one? 

When is the MLB Opening Day 2024? Know when the MLB season officially begins


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This year welcomes the eclectic MLB air with a bit of a twist. To increase the sport’s global presence, Major League Baseball started things off with a two-game series between the Dodgers and the Padres held in Seoul, South Korea. March 20th and 21st marked the first time Opening Day was played on foreign soul in a global stage – Gocheok Sky Dome. Well, hopefully, there will be more ‘first-ever’s that MLB will witness this year. 

Ideally, the regular season begins mid March or early April. But this year, depending on your definition of ‘Opening Day’ you can choose to celebrate on either days – March 20th or 28th. Nevertheless, the full-fledged launch of the season on North American soil is set to begin this Thursday. Mark your calendars!

What are the Top Matchups: Braves to play Phillies, The Astros to meet Yankees

This season is going to be a mashup of matchups. But two of them in particular have grabbed the attention of baseball enthusiasts like never before. The Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston Astros vs. the New York Yankees. 

The reigning World Series champion of 2021, Braves will compete with their National League East rivals, the Phillies. The Fightin’ Phils are known for their competitive and aggressive spirit displaying a hunger for a championship of their own. While they will be looking to dethrone the Braves and avenge their 2023 NLDS defeat, the Braves are all set to stand strong as solid competitors. It is safe to say that a passionate atmosphere and a heated battle between these two talented teams is bound to happen. 

The other highly anticipated American League matchup reignites a classic rivalry. Both the Astros and the Yankees flaunt power-hitting offenses and dominant pitching rotations. These teams have encountered each other numerous times in the postseason including in 2022 when the Astros emerged as World Series Champions. With multiple teams contending for a World Series title, this season foresees a true battle of titans.

Top Rivalries: Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers and more 

In addition to the highly anticipated matchups, there are some of baseball’s most heated rivalries which will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers –  This American League Central rival-match boasts over a century of history. This makes it one of the oldest active rivalries in Major League Baseball.

Both teams were established in 1901 and have battled it out for divisional dominance. It so happened that they haven’t met in the postseason yet, but the the sheer geographic proximity and passionate fanbases make every White Sox-Tigers clash an intense one. Now let’s look beyond the Windy City.

Fans can’t wait to see more classic battles unfold across the league. Aren’t we all familiar about the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox rivalry, which too is one of the most historic ones? Not to mention the, Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants clashing for National League West supremacy. Also, the Texas Rangers-Astros rivalry and the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs are ready to continue their battle for bragging rights in the heartland.

MLB Opening Day 2024 Predictions: Who will start the season with a win

While these rivalries add an extra pinch of spice to the season, here are some bold forecasts for each division which adds further flavor to the MLB cuisine. Bon Appetit! 

AL East – On one hand, many expect the Red Sox to finish last in the ever-so-competitive AL East. On the other, the prediction indicates that they are going to make a surprising bang in 2024. Young guns like Rafael Devers, Ceddanne Rafaela, and Triston Casas shine a ray of hope, and veterans in the likes of Trevor Story are all set to display a bounce-back year.

AL Central –  Albeit the buzz around Bobby Witt Jr. and their offseason moves, the Kansas City Royals might not live up to the expectations. The pitching rotation lacks an genuine ace, and on the offensive side, there can be some struggle to get on base consistently. Though this team appears to be trending upward, their breakthrough might be farther than expected.

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AL West – Shohei Ohtani’s exit from the Los Angeles Angels might seem like a step in the wrong direction for the team. But this forecast sees the Angels defying all odds. Despite the “sad sack team” air surrounding Anaheim, a strong starting rotation and a deep lineup with potential breakout players like Logan O’Hoppe, they could finally propel themselves to greater heights. 


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NL East – The Atlanta Braves might not regain their dominant performance. Well, as bold as that might seem, injuries and regression could hit key players like Ronald Acuña Jr. Also, the rotation relies greatly on veterans like Charlie Morton and Chris Sale. Of course, they might not fall apart, but a slight slump is not to be met with utter surprise. 

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NL Central – Cincinnati Reds, despite having exciting young talent like Hunter Greene and Elly De La Cruz, might not be fully ready to contend yet. Their offseason moves contributed in creating redundancies. Moreover, key players like TJ Friedl are battling injuries. Well, that said, their breakout might be a couple of years away.


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NL West – After a season laden with bad luck, the Padres might make the cut with a turnaround season. Key core players remain, the rotation features solid additions, and some regression to the mean in close games could drastically amend their record. Though they might not be dominant enough to dethrone the Dodgers, a strong playoff push is well within reach.

With that, the 2024 season is ready to unveil itself as the Opening Day gates fly open welcoming swarms of fans and teams of players.