Freddie Freeman's All-Star selection: Is he the best first baseman in MLB right now?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are once again painting the All-Star Game blue, sending a sextet of superstars to Arlington. Manager Dave Roberts, ever the maestro, orchestrated a heartwarming reveal, capturing the raw emotion and unbridled joy of the selected few. But it wasn’t just the usual suspects receiving accolades; the skipper’s symphony of praise also highlighted the unsung heroes and hidden gems, those whose contributions might not always grab the headlines but are essential to the Dodger crescendo.

First up in Roberts’ composition is the flame-throwing virtuoso Tyler Glasnow, who “leads the league in hair,” Doc quipped, a playful nod to the towering right-hander’s flowing locks. However, it’s not just his mane that’s noteworthy. Glasnow, a SoCal native returning to his roots who leads the league in 143 strikeouts, is no accident, and his 11.81 K/9 rate, a new franchise record, is a testament to his relentless pursuit of perfection. A triumphant homecoming for the 30-year-old ace, wouldn’t you say?



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The rhythmic section of this All-Star ensemble, Will Smith, might not always be in the spotlight, but Dave Roberts knows his value. Smith’s consistent bat and steady presence behind the plate have been instrumental to the Blue Crew’s success. The skipper lauded Smith’s metronomic consistency behind the dish and with the bat, noting that Smith is “the best at his position in the game” and on the team in several offensive categories. 15 homers, 55 RBIs, and a .845 OPS from the catcher’s spot? That’s music to any manager’s ears.

But can a symphony truly soar without its star soloist? Enter Mookie Betts, the eight-time All-Star now taking his virtuosity to shortstop. A .304 average and a .892 OPS in 72 games, even with a fractured hand now, speak volumes. As Doc put it, “the best of the best Midsummer Classic.” A virtuoso indeed, but what other instruments contribute to this harmonious Dodger sound?

Dave Roberts’ army of unsung heroes lauded in a symphony of skills beyond the headlines

It was Freddie Freeman, the perennial All-Star, who received perhaps the most effusive praise from their skipper. The manager, clearly smitten, placed Freeman on his “Mount Rushmore of baseball players,” commending the first baseman’s relentless drive and consistent production and beaming about how “he makes me (Roberts) better.”


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A .301 average, 13 homers, and 58 RBIs are impressive numbers, but it’s Freeman’s quiet professionalism and unwavering dedication to his craft that truly set him apart. He’s the epitome of a leader, both on and off the field—and that’s a masterpiece in progress. But even the most seasoned orchestras need fresh talent, and Teoscar Hernández is just that. The slugging outfielder is a relative newcomer to the Blue family, but he’s already making a big impact.

Dave Roberts praised Hernández’s power at the plate, highlighting his league-leading numbers in home runs and RBIs among NL outfielders—“what a consistent guy and consistent teammate!” But it’s not just his bat that’s impressive. Hernández’s defensive prowess in right field has been a revelation, making him a true five-tool player. A .802 OPS in his first season with the Dodgers? This newcomer is already hitting all the right notes!



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And who was the crescendo of Doc’s symphony? None other than the two-way maestro, Shohei Ohtani. Doc, echoing the sentiments of fans worldwide, declared Shotime a “world favorite, baseball favorite.” But beyond the hype and the headlines, Ohtani’s work ethic and humility are what truly set him apart. He’s a tireless worker, constantly striving to improve both on the mound and at the plate. A true unicorn in the sport, one can only wonder what encore he has in store for the All-Star stage—who, despite his superstar status, remains grounded and approachable, a true role model for young players everywhere.

This ensemble of Boys in Blue, a harmonious blend of experience and emerging talent, is a testament to Dave Roberts’ leadership and the organization’s unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s a team that celebrates individual achievements while recognizing the importance of collective effort. As they take their talents to Texas, one thing is certain: this symphony is far from over. Will the unsung heroes continue to shine on the All-Star stage, finally getting the worldwide recognition they all truly deserve? The answer, as always, lies in the heart of the game.