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Under the Guise of ‘Passion’, Hal Steinbrenner’s Endorsement of Brian Cashman’s Remark Sparks Concerns of a Toxic Culture Within the Yankees Camp

Published 11/15/2023, 7:30 AM EST

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The New York Yankees dominated the GM meetings in Arizona last week. But for the wrong reasons. Well, the common emotion among the Yankees faithful is utter dejection owing to an 80-82 run in 2023. Having delivered the worst performance since 1992, the higher-ups of NYY were expected to give bits of information on how the franchise plans to make a comeback. However, what came out of the media session with Brian Cashman was, “I think we are pretty f***ing good, personally”.

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On an informative note, what the management condemns and condones sets the culture within an organization. However, the Yankees function on a tangent that seemingly does not heed to this. Proof? The owner Hal Steinbrenner’s recent appreciation for the Yankees GM’s “passion” was contrarian to what the public deems acceptable. Is this sketch reflective of a concerning culture sprouting in the Bronx?

Hal Steinbrenner’s Reaction on Brian Cashman’s Words Reflects What’s Normal in the Organization


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Taking a step back from the chatter, if one looks at the situation from a birds eye view, it is time for the promise of “big changes” to take effect. It has been 5 weeks since the regular season wound up, but there isn’t any news of the changes. However, the GM since 1998 made audacious remarks last week attempting to put a full stop to narratives that allegedly were marring the Yankees optics. Quite a defensive move one would say.

Hal Steinbrenner cheered Cashman for his talk with the media despite stinging remarks about key player Giancarlo Stanton. But praises coming in at a time when the management’s words and actions have barely aligned is confusing. The Yankees owner stated in an email exchange, “While I don’t condone the cussing, I do like the passion. There are too many false narratives out there about our organization, being pushed by uninformed and uninvolved people. It is, needless to say, frustrating”.


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Steinbrenner refused to discuss in detail what areas the false narratives cover in the record. However, Steinbrenner addressed the claimed extensive use of analytics in decision-making during his own press conference last week.

A few hours before Cashman’s talks with the media that exploded when he called Stanton “injury-prone, Steinbrenner hosted a press conference. The Yankees owner hinted at changes that the team believes are significant. Though Hal didn’t share much information about the team’s plans for the offseason, there were remarks regarding manager Aaron Boone‘s intention to prioritize bunting more in 2024. He thoroughly believed that they are making a comeback. Steinbrenner sternly stood up for the organization against detractors who questioned its leadership. That said, there were some key takeaways from that meet.

‘Big Changes’ Incoming?

Reiterating that Hal Steinbrenner promised “big changes” and regarded the 82–80 season as “unacceptable.” Thus far, the ‘big changes’ represent their first two noteworthy offseason actions. They announced James Rowson as their new hitting coach on Monday. Rowson is said to be close with Aaron Judge and had previously worked in the farm system in New York. Another was hiring an outside consulting firm that has yet to get the ball rolling.

As per a recent article by the New York Post during a half-hour interview with reporters, Steinbrenner revealed some interesting matters. Apparently, Aaron Judge sounds more like the Yankees’ Assistant General Manager and former baseball outfielder and first baseman, Nick Swisher was one of the people who would vote on whether Boone should stay manager or not. Amid all this, one question scares everyone. Are the same people going to do the same things the same way?

Is the Yankees Leadership in Denial?

Well, when Steinbrenner stated in June that he was “confused” as to why the Yankees fan base was dissatisfied with the team’s performance, it gave the impression that he was quite disconnected. Essentially, Cashman and his team have given the Yankees a long-term competitive outline. However, the organization has appeared to be moving in the wrong direction for a few years now, and this has been evident on the field since the middle of the 2022 season. Is the organization in denial that the rest of MLB has overtaken the formerly glorious NYY?

It is hard to understand what the strategy is for the Yankees right now. While there is optimism around the fact Captain Judge has involved himself in doing the talking, deafening silence from Boone is spooky. What does the skipper have to say about the situation apart from speaking of hitting? Hal, in his talk with the press mentioned Judge extensively. As long as it concerns the health of the franchise, may the best ‘Aaron’ win. It is inevitable to contemplate; how would have George Steinbrenner reacted to the Cashman-rant amid the current Yankees’ plight?


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George Steinbrenner’s New York Yankees

It is no secret that George, the father of Hal Steinbrenner, disliked Brian Cashman. He has even said, “You’re the worst f***ing GM in baseball”, making him one of the Yankees’ faithful in today’s times. While late George was not someone who would tolerate any sort of slacking off even though the team won, his son appears to be quite the opposite. After the now-53-year-old Steinbrenner took over the ownership of the mega-franchise, the succession has not gone as per George’s plan.

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Fans believe that Cashman would’ve been fired at the blink of an eye owing to the inaction of the Yanks. George was the man who said, “Winning is the most important thing in team existence, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next”. Unfortunately on the flip side 2023 has made fans believe that losing has become their second nature. Well, amid all that one can only hope no one forgets what the George Steinbrenner Yankees were like.

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