Yoshinobu Yamamoto or Juan Soto – Whom Do the Yankees Need More Desperately?

Published 12/04/2023, 7:10 AM EST

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In the thick of the underway off-season, a couple of free agencies have stolen the limelight. Two names that emerge at the highest level of competition are Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Juan Soto. Well, with these names comes another closely associated name; the New York Yankees. While there has been no definitive statement from the officials about the trade, there are speculations that keep pivoting. 

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While until recently, the Yankees were seen as forerunners for Soto, right now the discussions have been punctuated. Does this mean that they looking elsewhere? Probably at Yamamoto? Either way, both these resources in the Bronx could propel their performance to their yesteryear glory. But which of the two are the Yanks really in need of? 

Which Way Do the New York Yankees Lean? 


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For apparent reasons, the Yankees think the field is small for Soto, a one-year rental player who will earn roughly $33 million in arbitration. Very few teams are willing to give up star young players for rentals. Nevertheless, as per the New York Post, on one hand, it’s difficult to imagine the Yankees trading Jasson Dominguez or Anthony Volpe, the two players the Padres mentioned. On the other, they could discuss pitching prospects Drew Thorpe, Michael King, and Clarke Schmidt. 

Moreover, the Yankees believe they have a good chance of acquiring Yamamoto, who has the largest pool of potential suitors of any player in the $200M range. There runs another parallel where a number of opposing teams think that the 25-year-old is better suited for the crosstown New York Mets.


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Yamamoto is also linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants, the Boston Red Sox, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago Cubs, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Detroit Tigers. With these names in the list, it is worth measuring how effectively the Yanks stand as competitors. 

Assessing both the situations, it is safe to conclude that NYY are at a crucial crossroads. Keeping competition aside, maybe looking at what the Yankees lack, could help in making a better guess. Well, they are two areas of improvement. One, defensively and the other, offensively. It’s worth diving deeper into which player has more to offer to New York. 

What Does Each Player Bring to the Table? 

One of the biggest names available, Soto, would be an ideal addition to the Yankees. If the deal were to go through, the team would have both a defensive presence in left field and a left-handed bat. The Yankees are looking to bolster their roster and add another offensive threat. Hence, the possible acquisition of Juan Soto is imperative. This Dominican’s impact on the Yankees’ offense and defense is being actively explored by the mega-franchise. Speaking of offense, it is time to look at Yamamoto’s services. 

In order to add quality and healthy arms to the rotation this offseason, the Yankees have made Yamamoto a top priority. But it would not be ideal for the Yankees to put all their eggs in one basket. To qualify for the postseason the next season, the Yankees need to address all of their obvious problems. While Yamamoto could be of great assistance to them, there is one raging question. Will it all make sense financially? 

Despite Their Prowess, Which Player Makes More Sense for the New York Yankees?

The Athletic’s Brendan Kuty wrote, “Stalemate, Impasse. Standstill. Whatever you want to call the awkward space occupied by the trade talks between the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres for superstar left fielder Juan Soto, just don’t call them finished”.


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Though the discussions have come to a halt, it does not rule the Yankees out of the Soto-chase. Their communication is set to resume as Winter Meetings begin Monday. That said, it is tough to ignore that the Yanks sure have come a long way in terms of their pursuit for the 25-year-old Juan. 

Now the pieces of the puzzle might fall into place. As one of the best baseball players, Soto would instantly solve New York’s most pressing issue. Let’s reiterate the Yankees’ need: to add a left-handed hitter and an outfielder to strengthen their middle of the lineup. Soto would assist in fixing the underlying problems. Even though Soto’s contract expires at the end of the 2024 season, he possesses the necessary skills to help the Yankees pursue a 2024 comeback!  

MLB Insider Confirms More Than $200M for Yoshinobu Yamamoto as Mets and Yankees Continue to Dominate Sweepstakes


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Yes, the Yanks would have to forego many players of their own. While the budget-restrained San Diego Padres are non-negotiable with regard to their ask, NYY is adamant about strengthening their play. As each team goes on to achieve their individual goals, Juan Soto might sit well in New York in the process. With that, is it safe to say that Soto fits better in the Bronx than any other player at the moment?

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