The last few years have not gone to the liking of the New York Yankees. But when it comes to their captain Aaron Judge the narrative entirely changes. Making his MLB debut in 2016, the current Yankees captain has been a star ever since. The AL Rookie of the Year has multiple awards to his name because of his dominance at the plate. It has also helped him over the Home Run scoring charts, with a clear lead in his favor. The 31-year-old completed his seven years in the MLB and looks to add more with his ever-improving performances in the upcoming years.

Judge’s presence and contribution have become more crucial for the Pinstripes. The same has been the story in the current season as the Yanks struggle badly in the absence of the outfielder. Because of it, fans love him and also hailed his return. But there also seems to be a varied thought over Aaron’s success. The same clashed with the fan voices, who joined the social media to wish their captain to complete seven years in Pinstripes.

Aaron Judge Is Homering Since His MLB Debut


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Aaron Judge had big shoes to fill in. MLB legend Alex Rodriguez had played his last game a day before, and Judge had to take his batting contribution forward. The Yankees captain fully obliged to the demand with a record-breaking 446 ft long home run. Talkin’ Yanks revisited this record against Tampa Bay Rays with their latest tweet. 

It was a record-breaking debut per the Yankees insider Bryan Hoch, ” Yankees: Aaron Judge is the third player in the history of this Yankee Stadium to hit a HR off/above the CF glass. Others: Branyan, Correa.”

Although many players fail to repeat this kind of performance, slowly fading away, with Judge, everything has moved in the right direction.

After 793 games, the Yankees captain has put himself with the modern bests. With 585 runs and 542 RBIs at an average of 0.283, Judge offers one of the consistent contributions. Not only this, he also leads the home run charts after seven years of the MLB journey.

Talkin Yank’s pointed it out with a tweet that read, “MLB home run leaders since Aaron Judge made his debut seven years ago today.”

Though it has made him a fan favorite, who shared their joy on his MLB journey. Many called it a missed opportunity because of the struggles of the Yankees, who are currently last in the AL East, distant away from playoffs.

Fans Share Mixed Response as Judge Continues to Shine in His Eighth MLB Year

Aaron Judge has been on the all-star team because of his performances. It has made him a universally acknowledge MLB player, but there are some variations to it. As fans hailed his MLB career, many fans joined in to add their criticism regarding his failure to win the World Series.

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With the 2023 playoffs looking a distant dream, they think his time at the Yankees was not so great. They contradicted the fans who supported Judge, bringing in the following varied responses.

A few of them called his MLB journey ordinary without any title.


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Per the baseball fans, though the Yankees captain has done all well, his no-world series win is a big miss. Will he be able to correct it in the upcoming years? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know them in the comments!

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