The Story of Once Forgotten Texas Rangers’ Cuban Superstar : Adolis García

Published 10/25/2023, 2:48 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Texas Rangers star Adolis García has turned into an overnight postseason sensation. Although an All-Star in 2021 and 2023, this October has seen a new side of the outfielder. Debuting in 2018, the Cuban native did not have an explosive beginning. A slow starter in Mound City, the Cards failed to bring out his full potential. No, that honor was reserved for the Lone Star State.

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García’s remarkable abilities, including a dominant presence at the plate and unique fielding capabilities, have made him a Texas favorite. Thanks to a commendable mix of speed, power, and defensive ability, the slugger remains a daunting player on the diamond. His path from Cuba to the Major Leagues is proof of his commitment and diligence to the sport.

Who is 2023 ALCS MVP Adolis García, The Star of The Texas Rangers? 


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Adolis García, the 2023 ALCS MVP, is the shining superstar of the Texas Rangers who went to play baseball in Japan at the age of 23. The unique situation for Cuban players in the realm of international baseball is evident. While they face restrictions on playing in the US, they have the opportunity to pursue careers in the East.

Although a significant portion of earnings was mandated to be sent back to the Cuban government, García had no prospects of returning to the Caribbean. His ambitions and career path were set on a different course.


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His exceptional performance throughout the American League Championship Series earned him an unmatched reputation. Known for impressive skills both offensively and defensively, El Bombi has been a driving force behind the Rangers’ success in the series. García’s contributions have not only elevated the team’s performance but have also solidified his status as a standout player in the league. 

Which Team Did He Play For Before Joining The Lone Star State? 

Before joining the Texas Rangers, Adolis García played for the St. Louis Cardinals, but didn’t last long. In 21 games with the Cards in 2018, the then 27-year-old García went just 2-for-17 in his little experience at the plate. After relocating from his homeland in Cuba, García had signed a $2.5MM bonus with the Cards in 2017. But in the upper minors, his combination of raw power, speed, and arm strength didn’t produce the offensive outcomes the Cardinals had hoped for. Then in 2019, news was out that the Texas Rangers would be onboarding García for cash considerations with the Redbirds. 

The Story Behind His Trade For The Rangers

The story of Adolis García’s trade to the Texas Rangers is an intriguing one of purposeful team building and talent identification. García was a promising young player in the Cardinals’ farm system when he was first signed. Nonetheless, the Cards made the decision to take action due to a congested outfield and a need to boost other positions on their roster.

The Rangers sent the Cardinals monetary considerations in exchange for García . The slugger got a clean slate and a chance to demonstrate his abilities on a larger platform with this deal. The Rangers, for their part, were banking on García’s attacking and defensive skills. The player has repaid them handsomely.

His outstanding performance – especially in the 2023 ALCS – has cemented his position as an important member of the Rangers’ starting lineup. In addition to helping García further his career, this trade turned out to be a calculated decision that strengthened the Rangers’ squad and helped them win the division.

His MLB Journey So Far and What Makes It Special

Adolis García’s MLB career has been a standout due to his exceptional performances and unwavering drive. The Cuban’s journey is unique for a number of reasons. The first indication of his prowess is his capacity to recover from difficult seasons. Clearly, he struggled with the Cardinals while also having limited opportunities until he made a big impression with the Texas Rangers in 2021.

What truly sets García apart is his impressive power-hitting capability. In the 2021 season, he demonstrated this with a remarkable 31 home runs and in 2023, 39 homers. It clearly showcased his mastery at changing the course of a game with his clutch swings.

In addition to his remarkable performance, García’s steady visible improvement between 2018 and 2023 has solidified his status as an MLB force to be reckoned with. García‘s experience also serves as a reminder of the value of taking advantage of chances. He had a fresh start when he joined the Texas Rangers, demonstrating that in baseball, sometimes all a ballplayer needs is a change of scenery.

What Next For The Right Fielder 

The slugger’s effort in Monday’s ALCS Game 7 against the Houston Astros was nothing short of epic. It was a night that will go down in baseball history as one of the most thrilling Lone Star State match-ups. Breaking the MLB record for most RBIs in a single postseason series, Adolis García surpassed fellow Ranger Nelson Cruz. His RBI was a total of 15 in the whole series, including an incredible 14 in the ALCS against Houston.


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The slugger, however, was controversial. Celebrating a home run in style brought on the wrath of Astros pitcher Bryan Abreu, whose HBP was ruled intentional by the umpires. Benches cleared but ultimately, the Rangers had the last laugh.

Not fazed by the hostile reception from the Houston crowd in Game 6, García responded emphatically. He launched a grand slam, contributing significantly to a Rangers blowout 9-2 victory. He not only set the stage for a decisive Game 7 but also seized the moment to etch his name in baseball history.


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Now, Texas battles for it’s first World Series championship trophy in franchise history.

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