“Thus You’re 7-16”: Houston Astros Insider Exposes Team’s Biggest Weakness With a Jaw-Dropping Stat

Published 04/23/2024, 2:40 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Ever wondered why the Houston Astros are baseball’s enigma? They sure lead Major League Baseball with a staggering 214 hits, marking a dominant offensive force. But upon digging a little deeper, one finds the team drowning in a sea of contradictions. So what can we make of their dismal 7-16 record?

Here’s something interesting. As reported by baseball analysts, some aspects, in addition to “inconsistent pitching,” could be the reason that has left fans bewildered. So how are the Astros getting guys on base at an alarming rate, yet failing to translate that into wins? 

Hits Galore, runs nowhere to be found: The Houston Astros’ offensive paradox


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Chris Gordy, host of SportsTalk 790, shared a bold explanation of the Astros’ present situation. His recent post on X read, “The Houston Astros lead all of baseball with 214 hits. Nobody has more hits than them. They have scored 96 runs, that’s 15th in MLB. They are awesome at getting guys on. They are average at bringing them home. Combine that with inconsistent pitching, thus you’re 7-16.” Manager Joe Espada himself has an interesting angle to this. 


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With 214 hits, the Astros are the offensive envy of the league. However, those hits haven’t translated into runs. They rank 15th in the MLB in runs scored while accumulating only 96. This stat exposed a team “awesome at getting guys on…average at bringing them home”.

The Astros’ offensive situation is complex. They’re getting baserunners galore, but are unable to drive them in with clutch hits. Though the metric isn’t readily available publicly, the Astros game displays a plethora of stranded baserunners. 

With time running out, can the Astros fix their pitching and hitting woes?

On one hand, pitching isn’t the sole culprit. On the other hand, it certainly hasn’t helped either. The Astros’ pitching staff hasn’t been a complete disaster, but being “inconsistent” has plagued them. A recent 6-0 defeat to the Washington Nationals exemplifies this. Starter Hunter Brown faltered early, but the offense couldn’t respond, leaving him hanging.


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Despite the struggles, there’s a flicker of optimism within the Astros organization. Manager Espada also acknowledges that the situation isn’t ideal but emphasizes the need to “fight through this.”  Only time will reveal how the Astros find a way to unlock their true offensive potential and get those runners home. At the moment, fans and analysts are hopeful that they will solve this equation soon.

Do you think the season of 2024 could turn around the optics surrounding the Houston Astros? Let us know in the comments.


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