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In the world of sports, rivalry follows every change. It increases more when someone known becomes your opponent. The same has happened with the Minnesota Twins’ shortstop Carlos Correa, who is now playing against his former team. Speculations surrounding whether he gave his best for the Houston Astros or not have resulted in his blunt response after a brilliant play in the last playoff game. However, his response now is attracting repercussions!

Notably, it has been a great season for the Minnesota Twins. They have made it to the playoffs with a brilliant play and multiple players contributed to it, including Correa, especially in a win that leveled the series 1-1. But the situation changed afterward, with struggles, ending the inspirational comeback. Correa, who wanted a better end, was unhappy. He showed his frustration in the open. Given the eyes were on him, it gave another reason for his former fans to react amidst the intense playoff battle.

A Sudden End to Correa’s Leap Against His Former Team, Houston Astros


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The past few days have been a unique story between Carlos Correa and the Houston Astros. A reason behind it is the playoff contest in which the two are against each other. Although the battle is on the field, the war of words has continued off the field. The story that started with the boos in Houston took a turn after Correa’s comeback.

He contributed to three RBIs against his former team in a crucial win and wanted to continue the same. But it did not happen and was visible in his helmet-breaking reaction in the dugout after he got out in a crucial fourth game. MLB Fox described it saying, “Carlos Correa was not too pleased after lining out to Jeremy Peña”  and rightly so.

He could not make a single in his three at-bats and returned empty-handed. Moreover, it also limited his contribution further as he left, staring at a heartbreaking defeat. The scenes clearly seemed to be unfolding in opposition to the MLB star and his expectations.

Carlos Correa could not contribute as the Houston Astros defeated the Twins to make it to the ALCS for the seventh straight time. He left the game with nothing against his name in a 3-2 defeat facing his former team.

Fans who were not pleased with him again showed their dissatisfaction while reacting to his incident and the Twins’ loss.

Fans Show No Remorse as Carlos Correa’s Struggles Take Center Stage

When you play against a former team, there is always less chance of support, especially from the arena of the left-behind side. Correa also would have anticipated this, but his comments after the game changed the whole dynamics of fans reacting to it.

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Spectators who expected silence from him against his former team and were unhappy about his move had some comments to make after his attention-gaining incident took place. They chose the playoff game for the same and reacted in various manners. One fan particularly was surprised by the actions of the athlete and wrote:

Another criticized him for his reaction of anger, especially in front of rising juniors from his team. He commented:

One viewer highlighted the match reference, and subtly put forth the reply:

Others claimed it to be a complete moment after the star left the Houston side. They seemed hardly distressed by his past exit, commenting with a content smile:


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One spectator pointed out quite directly how he himself wanted this change and now faces the consequences of it and hence highlighting the same, wrote:


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It was certainly not the end Carlos Correa and the Minnesota Twins wanted. But given the start he had, it’s an end the shortstop should be proud of. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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