The 2023 MLB season concluded weeks back. However, the celebrations are still going on. After the World Series championship trophy, the focus shifted to the individual and team awards, with multiple personalities in a fight. In the same line, another player has won its case, making the season bigger with a significant award.

Though there are many awards, the most interesting is the Rookie of the Year award, notably because it recognizes the upcoming star. Given this, all eye this award. The same was the case this year, with multiple rookies in the line. But the 22-year-old Gunnar Henderson defeated all to win this. However, his reaction to the win did not match the occasion and gave food for thought to fans with this response.

Gunner Henderson Is the Rookie of the Year


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It was an exceptional year for Gunnar Henderson for the Baltimore Orioles. He did well both at the plate and in the field. The young offensive player scored runs and supported the defense from the third base. The 22-year-old scored 100 runs and 28 HRs at an OPS of 0.814, averaging .255. With this, Henderson became one of the best on the team.

It made him the contender for the Rookie of the Year season, with everyone expecting him to achieve this feat. The same happened when his name was called, confirming the recognition. Visibly, it was a big moment for the Orioles star, who waited for this the entire season.

His subtle acknowledgment of the announcement confirmed it. A post from MLB also reflected on the same. It read, “The moment Gunnar Henderson found out he was the Rookie of the Year!”

Given the importance of the award, fans also loved it. However, few could not get over the reaction from Henderson.

Fans React as 22-Year-Old Henderson Wins His First Major Award

MLB is one of the competitive leagues and demands a lot of effort. With so much competition, sometimes all the hard work goes unnoticed. But with Henderson, it was not the case who got all the recognition with his big award.

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Given many fans also wished it to happen, they also celebrated this success. But few had some concerns about the way Gunnar reacted to the announcement.

Others said Gunnar deserved it.

More congratulations came his way.

Another said it was an awkward reaction from Henderson.


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One called it a forced formality.


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Judging by the responses, it’s clear that fans enjoyed it. Nevertheless, they expressed discontent with his response, as it didn’t align with their sentiments. Was it because of the big occasion? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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