The much-anticipated MLB Winter Meetings are almost here. Amidst an enthusiastic off-season full of free agency and trade rumors, managerial hires, and executive changes, the baseball world is heading towards an event that will answer many questions. What makes it such an integral part of the majors?

MLB Winter Meetings act as a venue for players and managers to connect. All 30 teams are present there each season, giving way to jobs being offered and vacancies being filled. The buzzing hub of activities like clinching unbelievable deals, the event’s history dates back more than a century.  Its vibrant past and ability to capture the imagination of ardent MLB fans makes it staple viewing.

Winter is coming! Taking a look inside MLB Winter Meetings


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Dating as far back as 1876, the MLB Winter Meetings act as a last checkpoint for finalizing ongoing deals and trades. Most recent businesses are carried out behind the closed doors of private suits, away from prying eyes. Internship availabilities, workshops, brainstorming strategies, and curating rosters—many parts of it are discussed openly as well.

Big changes that might affect the entire industry are a major point of discussion in the winter meetings. Although it is closed to the public (much to the fans’ dismay), what goes on inside often changes the course of how MLB functions.

For example, in the 2016 event, the MLBPA decided on a new collective bargaining agreement with the MLB, which functioned as a major rule for the leagues until 2021. The 2023 meetings are scheduled to be held in Nashville, starting Sunday. Here’s a sneak peek at what can be expected to happen this year.

How do the 2023 Winter Meetings look so far?

MLB Winter Meetings have the power to wield longstanding effects regarding the decisions taken by the teams. 2023 meetings, in particular, are set to deal with certain questions. Which teams are going to be at the top of their game, which free agents will be signed by the end of the event—all of this is expected to be answered by the end of next week.


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According to an MLB.com report, the New York Yankees can be considered a safe bet. However, given their experiences this season, the Chicago Cubs or the SF Giants can be confidently expected to be in their best form. Speaking about top free agents, Jordan Montgomery and Yoshinobu Yamamoto are very likely to finalize a deal by the end of the event.

While hotshot Shohei Ohtani might remain an enigma until his free agency deadline arrives, other top prospects like Juan Soto might face a trade by the end of this week. The last and final speculation regarding the outcome of the meeting is that the Miami Marlins can prove themselves as an underdog and emerge as the team with the biggest strides to make in 2024.

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Keeping that in mind, let’s look forward to the event and see which new gifts it might bring to the MLB fandom!

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