Who is Corbin Carroll’s Girlfriend: Know Everything About Diamondbacks Star’s Adorable Partner

Published 10/29/2023, 6:18 AM EDT

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The worlds of glamor and sport in a single frame are nothing more than a visual marvel. In baseball’s glittering world, dreams come true under stadium lights. And there, a youthful love story unfolds. Meet Emma Broyles, the newfound lady love of rising star Corbin Carroll. Her presence in Corbin’s life is more than a mere chapter. 

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Diving into the narrative of Emma Broyles, we discover a woman whose passion for her career matches Corbin’s drive on the diamond. Though their story is relatively new, they illuminate their path to greatness together with every step. This is a tale of young 20s love, career, and support. A story that reminds us that behind every star, there stands an extraordinary force, shaping their journey to the top.

Who is Emma Broyles: Lady Love of Rising Star Corbin Carroll


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In the tranquility of Alaska, was born Emma Leigh Broyles, a woman with an ambitious and loving spirit. Born on the 25th of July, 2001, Emma’s journey was destined for remarkable heights. She found her calling in the world of pageantry. Her grace, poise, and inner strength set her apart, earning her the coveted title of Miss Alaska in the year 2021. But Emma’s story was destined for an even grander stage. As the 100th year of the Miss America pageant dawned on December 16, 2021, she witnessed something iconic happen. 

The echoes of a hundred years of grace reverberated as Emma was crowned Miss America 2022. In that moment, she etched her name in history, becoming not only a symbol of Alaskan pride but also the very first Miss Alaska to ascend to the throne of Miss America. Emma’s achievement held a significance that overcame borders. She was not only the pride of Alaska but also the pride of all non-contiguous states. Her win marked a historic milestone, reminiscent of Angela Perez Baraquio’s triumph for Hawaii in the Miss America of 2001.


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How Long Has She Been Dating Carroll?

Though there has not been much revealed by the 2000-born, the skilled Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder, some pictures did give a small peek into their life. On Tuesday in Philadelphia, Emma Broyles posted a picture on Instagram of herself alongside her boyfriend, Corbin Carroll. In the photo, they stand on the baseball field, radiating joy after their team was 4-2 victors over the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. With infectious enthusiasm, she captioned the image with, “Snakes are hot!!!“, celebrating both the triumph of the Nike-sponsored athlete and the Diamondbacks’ advancement to the World Series. 

As the Fall Classic is progresses, they are facing off against the Texas Rangers. A swift and skilled outfielder, the 2022 debutant had become a beacon of hope for the Arizona Diamondbacks, chosen in the first round of the 2019 MLB draft. In the spring of 2022, Corbin Carroll made his Major League Baseball debut. With the season unfolding, the #7 D-Backs’ centerfielder continued to rise. Carroll earned the title of an All-Star in his first season. 

Given the charming performance of the $111 million, the 23-year-old is irresistible. Since there are no hard facts available about their dating period, there are speculations that they started dating a couple of months ago. Emma Broyles’s Instagram posts are suggestive of that. 

Is She Also A Baseball Athlete Like Corbin Carroll?

Though the 22-year-old girlfriend of the ‘Snake’ is not a hardcore athlete like Caroll himself, she visited Chase Field, supporting and cheering for her boyfriend. She hails from a pure glamor background. While there are many laurels to her name since childhood, her recent and most standout achievement was her title of 2022 Miss America. However, recently she made a choice. 

She is an active participant in Special Olympics International owing to her brother being an athlete there. Emma revealed that her brother has Down syndrome and has been a special athlete for years. Owing to her family’s roots in the sport, she commits to be a Special Olympics ambassador. In one of her conversations with Alaska Public Media, she opened up, “I’m not Miss America anymore,” with that, she has her priorities straight. 

Emma Broyles’ Professional Background: High School, Miss Alaska Pageant and Miss Universe 

Emma Broyles grew up with her parents and her elder brother, who has Down syndrome, in Anchorage, Alaska, in the United States. At the age of fifteen, she began her modeling career, which she has always enjoyed. Emma went to high school education at Alaska’s Service High School, where she also worked. In the midst of her days of education, pageants came into the picture. She took a break from her career later and finished school. Emma continued her education at Alaska State University with plans to study biomedical sciences.


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Emma Broyles has been a part of talks where she has revealed that she suffers from ADHD and OCD. She has been open about her mental ailments. Though they have hindered her in many ways, she has overcome those challenges and make her way to becoming Miss America. Now that she has achieved one of the biggest feats in the glamor world, she plans on going back to completing her education. She even said, “I’m now headed to medical school to become a doctor”. Speaking of how she got here, is an interesting story. 

Emma decided to pursue a career in modeling because of her enthusiasm for the industry. Her participation in many beauty pageants included winning the Miss Alaska 2021 title. She also took home the 2017 Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen title.


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After competing against fifty other competitors, Emma won the national modeling competition called Miss America 2022. At Uncasville, Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun, Emma received a $100,000 USD college scholarship as a result of her Miss America 2022 triumph. Emma is well known for her impact on social media and for her efforts in social work, in addition to modeling. She is presently becoming more well-known and successful in her career aspirations.

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