Who Is Yankees Skipper Aaron Boone’s Wife? Know More About Laura Cover

Published 01/30/2024, 7:30 AM EST

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This is not a story about just ‘Mrs. Yankees Manager’. This is the story of Laura Lee Cover, who is far more than just a supporter of Aaron Boone, the name most famous for being the New York Yankees manager. Starting from having a low-key secret passion for creativity and beauty, to being the bold face of ‘The Weakest Link’ captivating the audience, Cover is a name that will go down in history as an evergreen model. 

How her life has panned out over the past couple of decades is more than interesting. Apart from being an enthralling beauty, she has gone to take on the role of a partner and parent, keeping her best foot forward always. With that, it’s time to dive deeper into the not-so-often-spoken-of-life story of Laura Cover. 

Who Is Laura Cover? Know More About Her Family, Background, and More


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Though the spotlight at Yankee Stadium often shines on Aaron Boone, his wife Laura Cover’s quiet strength anchors him. Laura is much more than just ‘Mrs. Yankees Manager’. Her life behind the scenes is an orchestra adored with family, talent, and unwavering love. Born and raised as a Christian in Bucyrus, Ohio, Laura’s saga began in the warmth of the Golden State. While not much is known about her parents, apart from that her mother was a registered nurse, her childhood was filled with a thirst for adventure.


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From her early days, the 6th of May 1977, born displayed an inherent passion for creativity and beauty. Little did she know that it would go on and lay the foundation for the remarkable success she would have. But what was the spark that lit up Laura’s path? Was it the call of the runway or the lure of the modeling world? Either way, Laura was a woman of fame featured in several of the magazine’s videos and newsstand special editions. 

What Was Her Work as a Model? Was She Also an Athlete Like Aaron Boone? Find Out

Cover has been an American model who is famously known for being a former Playboy bunny. She was also chosen Playmate of the Month in October in the 1998 issue. Before she was known as the wife of the Yankees skipper, she has been featured on the television game show Playmate Edition of the Weakest Link. Aside from that, Laura even modeled for magazines, Mystique magazine and Talking Blue. 

Not only has she been a powerful ‘glamstress’ in the world of modelling, but also has been powerful in the world of sports before choosing her modelling career. As per her IMDB profile, she has been a gymnast and was also a soccer player in high school. Despite choosing a different career path, life circles back to sports, thanks to Boone’s active involvement in sports. 

How Long Has She Been Married to Aaron Boone? Understand the Timeline

Laura Cover married the former MLB infielder tying the knot on 9th November 2002. At that time, Boone was still playing for the Cincinnati Reds. The couple has had a lovely marriage spanning for over ten years as of today. That said, at the age of 46, she and Boone, currently 50, have built a family of 6. That brings one to dive deeper into the whats, whens, and hows of their family. 

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Do They Have Kids? An Insight Into Their Parenthood Journey


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Though the Boone’s family takes a back seat from the limelight more often than not, leaving Boone alone in the spotlight, they are quite close knit as a family. The former model, now mother, shares four children with former MLB player. They have children of their own. Brandon Boone, their first child, was born in 2005. And the two welcomed their daughter in 2009, Bella Boone. But that’s not it. They went a step ahead and expanded their family a few years later. 

It was in 2012 that the couple adopted two brothers, Sergot and Jeanel. They hailed from Haiti, the Caribbean country. The tragic natural disaster struck the two boys in 2010 and the Caribbean was still healing from the catastrophic earthquake. 


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Right before Aaron Boone was appointed the New York Yankees manager in 2018, Laura and Aaron, along with their family, resided in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now that it is known where the couple started off in their lives, it is impressive to look back at their lives and see how far they have come. Both personally and professionally. 


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