Who Owns the Texas Rangers, What is His Net Worth?

Published 10/27/2023, 10:09 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The Texas Rangers may author a historic end to 2023. Part of the baseball scene since the ‘60s, the club has yet to win a World Series, even though it began with the East Division before starting with the West in 1972. With a current net worth of $2.22 billion and three American League pennants, the Rangers also boast seven division titles. With a torrid postseason history, Texas presently stands fifth among the Top 5 best teams in the 2023 power rankings, according to ESPN. The question is, who brought them here?

The Lone Star team has been making headlines for securing a World Series berth for the first time since 2011. For a club that has a solid foundation consisting of tactical drafts, measured lineups, and a continuous flow of resources, little is known about its decision-makers. Let’s take a look at the people whose pragmatic stances have helped build the team’s core profile.

The Man Who Holds Authority Over the Texas Rangers


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The Rangers had a series of extensive changes of ownership that included notable personalities like George W. Bush. The former president had a stake in the team from 1989-1994. Investors and oil magnates Ray C. Davis and Bob R. Simpson first bought the team from Tom Hicks of Hicks Sports Group in a winning bid of $593 million in August 2010. But trouble came knocking soon after.

With a $525 million loan above their heads, a long list of creditors included ex-New York Yankees pro Alex Rodriguez and a lineup full of unpaid players. It was a moment of metaphorical victory for the team when they were saved from bankruptcy by RBE partners. It was a golden opportunity that knocked on their doors, came inside, and fell on their laps all by itself, given the immense transformation the team has been going through ever since.


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Current Texas Rangers owner Ray C. Davis, with a net worth of approximately $2.9 billion, is notorious for being ultra-private. Although the billionaire boasts stakes in multiple companies like Avatar Investments, Energy Transfer Partners, and Energy Transfer Equity, his only interest seems to be protecting the team and his legacy on and off the field. A true Texan at heart.

Since their ownership inception in 2010, Davis and Simpson chose to remain behind the scenes until 2022. With President Neil Leibman and General Manager Chris Young as the frontrunners, Davis has the support of a talented front office. Signing shortstop Corey Seager to firing president Jon Daniels due to the team’s consecutive series of losses, and hiring MLB veteran Chris Young to run the office – the owner has made considerable changes to lead the team to a World Series after 12 stagnant years.

Rangers Revelations


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The Washington Senators was the original name of the Rangers until they joined the AL West Division. Hall of Famer Ted Williams served as the team’s first manager back then. Before starting play at Choctaw Stadium in 1994, the team used to call Arlington Stadium home. Legendary players like Nolan Ryan, Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, and Michael Young have proudly adorned the blue, red, and white.

The franchise made a consecutive run for the World Series Championship from 2010 to 2011, losing both, before their 2023 selection.


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Great teams consist of great minds thinking alike, and the Rangers are living proof of that. Their fiery spirits can be seen at play again in Saturday’s match, scheduled to take off at 5.33 a.m. ET.

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